Nexus 7 was a steal at original pricing and I couldn’t resist grabbing one at this price, despite already having 2 Android tablets. It’s worth it to have at least one “Pure Android” device since they are supported far longer with OS updates than any manufacturer customized versions and perform smoother without excess bloatware.

It will also be one of the first devices to get Android L, which is slated to be the biggest Android update ever.

Potential uses for Nexus 7 as extra tablet:
Dedicated Home Automation Controller
Dedicated Media Streaming Device with Chromecast or similar.
Touchscreen Media Device for Auto

Why is this paragraph in the description of a 11.6" Win 7 Samsung tablet?

  • Exclusive Fast Start Technology
    When inspiration hits, make sure you have a laptop that can keep up. With Samsung’s exclusive Fast Start technology, close the lid to enter a hybrid sleep mode, then simply open it to be up and running again in as little as two seconds."*

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The transformerbook is cheaper at tiger direct

I bought the Nexus 7.

My old ODB reader device is no longer being updated or supported so I bought a ODB bluetooth plug in device and the Torque Pro app.

I have an ASUS TF700T but it’s too big to sit on my dash while driving. The Nexus 7 is perfect as an ODB reader and can be used as a HUD (see youtube for examples).

Not seeing it.

I’ve been meaning to get one of those. What ODB transmitter are you using/do you recommend?

I bought a 16GB Nexus 7 2nd Gen (2013) model off Woot a few weeks ago and I am VERY impressed. It has a gorgeous display and is quite zippy. The screen is physically a bit smaller than I would have liked, but for $139, I was quite happy. I was able to easily update it to Android 4.4.

Be aware, however, that the Nexus 7 tablets currently offered are the Gen 1 older version. From what I have read in the forums, they are not nearly as nice as the Gen 2 (2013) model. The refurbished Gen 2 is still available at other retailers for not much more. Don’t blame Woot if you didn’t get what you were expecting as they have clearly labeled each product page with the Gen 1 designation. Kudos to Woot for being up front about that. Do your research before you buy.

Beware of the Proscan tablet. I bought one of the 8 inch 4gbyte ones during woot’s sale last week. When it arrived, the setting’s memory info screen is telling me that it only has 1.28 Gbytes of flash memory installed (1.27gb available), NOT even close to the 4Gb advertised.

They had the Gen 2 32GB version on as well. I bought one before it sold out.

i use a blue ELM327 bluetooth OBD2 dongle on amazon. It was like $15 it’s been about a year and works great. I use it to clear codes as well. I have my nexus 7 installed in my dash

Anyone have any thoughts on the Lenovo Thinkpad tablet?

My 32 gig Google tablet arrived dead. Didn’t power up, Nada. Tried charging it for a while and nothing. Submitted a couple of support requests. Any idea how long it takes woot to reply?

Usually within 24 hours for a reply.

If you don’t hear back by then please let us know and we’ll be glad to ping them.

Polaroid tablet arrived,wrapped and ready for Christmas. He opened it and it never went beyond the startup screen. Of course it was after the Woot support time frame and I had to deal directly with the manufacture. We are still awaiting a replacement. I have learned my lesson! Always open everything and give it a full test. Simply powering it up is not enough!