If that Google Nexus 7 had a SDXC slot I’d be all over this. Cloud storage is worthless in an airplane or whenever wifi / cell service (tethering) is unavailable.

Caution: First Gen Kindle Fires have a bad charging port. Maybe that is why this is a refurb, but if they didn’t fix that issue, it will only last a year or so.

I completely agree, that’s why I’m typing this from the asus tablet w/ keyboard. 96GB of storage if you add microSD to the tablet and a real SD to the keyboard, plus it has a USB port that accepts 64GB USB keys.

I will say that the non-standard charging port on the asus is a bit of a PITA, and the small amount of RAM makes it slow at times. The 300 (the one without a keyboard) is reportedly much faster since it doesn’t have to render such a detailed picture, but I can’t confirm personally.

Edit – strike all that. This is the 2012 version of the Nexus 7 rather than the 2013 version. Not nearly so exciting.

Samsung XE500T1C-A04US ATIV Smart PC 500T

WARNING Do your research on problems with this tablet! Got one from WOOT last time and died in 3 days. I have 35 years experience in micro computing on all OSs. Samsung refuses to recognize warranty !!! Theses may be returns from Amazon . READ REVIEWS There!

I really like the tablet before it failed and BRICKED.

YOU CAN NOT Recover the tablet if Windows crashes, without sending to Samsung and PAYING FOR SERVICE.I tried to recover once with internal BIOS help. It worked once and BRICKED after restart. It took the BIOS with it so you have no means of reloading it externally, only Samsung factory can. Your left with a power on light and a black unlighted screen with no possibility of recovery.

Really disappointed in Samsung and Woot! 90 day warranty is useless!

Do you know if the Asus with Keyboard is able to connect with 3G/4G? We have Verizon.

Yeah, I got the TF300 with keyboard for my kids. The SD storage is perfect for all those kids’ videos, etc. I’m still deciding whether to get the new TF701 or a Samsung tablet. Then again the new Nexus 10 is supposedly going to be announced next week, hopefully it will use the same internals as the Asus so that will guarantee better long term support for the TF701.

As for these prices, not going down fast enough IMHO. Basically the same for the last half year. I guess new products are just finally getting released so there’s not a lot of pressure.

On Ebay for 129.99

I’ve owned both the 500T and 700T for over 5 months with no problems, but I agree experiences vary and Samsung support is abysmal. Get extended 3rd party warranty if you can.

Get yourself a little OTG cable (wicked cheap on either the mothership or the bay) and download a handy little app on the called Nexus Media Importer. You can then plug in flash drive or SD card via appropriate reader and add your choice of storage (as long as it doesn’t require power off the USB port). Voila, for about $7 you’ve got an expansion slot.

That said, this is not a very impressive price for a refurb of a discontinued item. I bought the same thing new for less when retailers were clearing space for the new model.

Well, this is familiar. I swear Woot must have the entire world stock of Polaroid and Vizio refurbs in a giant warehouse somewhere. Let’s review what I said last time:

The Asus Transformer or the Samsung Tabs [edit: Nexus this time] come out on top (I love my transformer). The Polaroids are consistently rated as garbage. The Vizio tablet has a design flaw in the charging port where it has a nasty habit of coming apart from the main board and killing your tablet. The connector is of course not available to fix yourself (I had to find a close fit aftermarket off e-bay and it sort of kinda works). Viewsonic abandoned the G-Tablet after they released it so their track record for support is not the greatest (great tablet though).

And thanks again Woot for not shipping tablets to APO addresses like every other company in the world seems to be able to do. In the last 2 years ago you shipped me an entire bike, a TV, and the very Vizio tablet on the page today, but somehow can no longer do that for any sales recently.

Man, I need to stop reading comments negatively pointed at Woot! For years I came to watch the videos (favs - ben the over literal dermestid bettle, & real actual field tests) and the discussion (it helped me keep up on world and tech events). But, now with the new in your face product design, I don’t think of the videos anymore. Lots of comments are lacking the experts I relied on for my tech education (where did they go?).
Guess I just miss the old times. I’m still happy for you Woot!, you work hard, you deserve stability. And, I’ve been finding greater deals in other places. Sorry Woot

No, WiFi only. There is a 3G version of the 300 but hard to find. Don’t think there is for the 700.

But hey glad I picked up a refurbed 300 last week elsewhere for $249 with the keyboard for $10 more. (now expired or I’d say where)

Woot is not the same company that you and I signed up for many years ago. You have to double check every deal and can now more times than not find a better one. People blame the acquisition by Amazon, but they were moving away from their roots before that.

You can still find the occasional good deal (I just bought a bunch of bulk glow sticks the other day in fact), but you now more that ever you need to really be cautious before you jump in.

How does 3G work for connecting to the internet?

Do you have to have a cell phone provider?

Great thing about the Nexus 7 2012 is the OTG support. You may not get internal expandable storage, but a $2 OTG cable will let you connect a hard drive and more for when you’re on a plane.

3G requires a data plan with a mobile carrier.

Wi-Fi connects via wireless modem/routers.

Does the Asus vivo-tab have the Wacom digitizer/Pen? I’d jump on one just for that in a heartbeat.

Thanks for the tip! Just bought one.