Bought mine refurbished in June 2013…after some research, bought it through W***mart instead of Woot, better service plan. Good thing. after less than two months the screen went blank. hours of messing around till I got thru to a a tech at asus, still under a 90 day manu warranty. Took them a while, but they fixed “it”, whatever the problem was, sent it back with my programs and downloads complete. But not two months later, same problem. This time out of manu warranty. Took me two months to find time to deal with W***mart warranty, which actually was pretty seamless and quick, except it came back wiped. So I have to reload, try to get a resend of the downloaded books, and hope that it doesn’t just quit a third time. I don’t have much hope. I liked the tablet. when it works.

FYI the Samsung series 7 slate is a great tablet.

I’ve had mine for almost 3 years now and I still love it. It isn’t the slimmest or lightest thing out there but spec wise it still will beat out a lot that you find on the market today.

Which item on the page?

I keep going back and forth on whether I need a tablet. I would use it for zinio, ebooks, audiobooks, light emailing and some dorky games and FB- which one would a knowledgeable person suggest?

You can not go wrong with the Google Nexus 7 2nd Gen. CNET along with many other (google it) tech sites have it ranked #1 in the $200-$300 category. My wife has one and it is pretty slick.

I have the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 (16 gig internal and I added a 64 gig micro sd) and I like it a lot as well.

I had the same kind of debate when I bought my tablet a few years ago. What I find is that I use my electronics geographically. I do a lot of typing, so that’s my laptop which I use at home.

I bring the tablet (Google Nexus 7, 16GB, Gen 1 - by the way love this) into the bedroom for reading at night, checking e-mail in the morning, playing games and reading comics. For book reading and comic reading, I find it to be the most comfortable interface. In fact, I’m typing this on the laptop and have a comic open on the tablet right next to me.

My smart phone primarily gets used to do similar tasks when I’m at work. But sometimes I bring in the tablet because it’s a nicer viewing experience for lunch time – I use the smart phone to generate a wi-fi hotspot for it. I also have a bluetooth keyboard that I sometimes use with the tablet.

The big use for the tablet came when I went on vacation. I didn’t want to lug the laptop and I also knew that wi-fi was going to cost on the cruise ship. I loaded up the tablet with reading material and a few games and I was set. I face the same kind of issues when camping, so the tablet is a great travel companion.

I’m actually cruising through to see about getting a second tablet for my Mom, because I think she’ll enjoy it for travel too.

Asus has abandoned the TF300 and 700 - no much needed update to Android 4.4.x. Get ready for jerky performance and “stuttering freeze” apps - especially with web browers.

You will have to root & ROM to get on current software

I’m posting this from my TF700

I’d spend the extra coin for the current model

Nice how they omitted “Coby” from the full “Kyros” name, since the company has folded, owing a LOT of money.

I had been running official OEM on my kid’s TF300 for the last half year and it works great. I think mostly because the CPU and screen resolution are well matched.

I had to reformat for my own reasons recently so I figured I would change to the latest CM11 Nightly release as it’s the best third party generic ROM, IMO. CM11 also works great but no real noticeable difference in performance. Maybe if I bench marked it but in actual use it’s pretty much the same. I know a lot of people like the custom CROMi-X, which allows a lot of overclock, maybe I’ll try that next time.

Really good question. I think Android does well because so many options are offered. Things you should consider:

  1. SIZE. I actually like the 10" sizes and would even consider carrying up to a 13" tablet. But others like minimalism so the 6-8" works for them.

  2. STORAGE. 4 GB is enough to surf the web and read books, adding apps will quickly overwhelm that. 16 GB sounds like it may be enough for your use that you would never have to think about maxing it out. I won’t get anything less than 32 GB myself but that’s because I like apps! Personally my tablet has 64 GB internal, a 64 GB microSD card, and another 64 GB SD card in the dock (it’s a TF701) as I like to have room and stick a lot of videos on it for travel. I think the biggest difference is video files, if you plan to load them up, then you will have to get a tablet with some kind of SD card expansion. Remember, apps generally need to be stored on the internal memory, only data files can be stored on SD cards.

  3. Processor/RAM/Touchscreen/Feel. Here you get what you pay for. Cheap tablets are slower and feel cheap. That’s perfectly fine if you just want to read some ebooks. Most mid-range tablets won’t disappoint either, the difference is that an app may take 7 seconds to load or change levels, etc versus say 4 seconds for a fast tablet. It really only matters if you are a power user, otherwise you’ll get use to the speed.

For your needs, you could possibly go for the bottom of the barrel cheap tablets but you would probably disappointed in any gaming. If you can, I suggest you splurge an extra $100 or so and get a refurb mid-range tablet. You’ll get a good experience without any real limitations besides a slight delay in load times that you likely won’t notice.

Personally, I’ve got a tablets ranging from a Tegra 2 (relegated to being a digital photo frame), Tegra 3 (for the kids), and Tegra 4 (mine) processors. My smartphones are all Android and include processors from Texas Instruments (no longer supported) to various Exynos from Samsung. I use a mix of official OEM ROMs and third party ROMs. Basically, I think the use case determines the device, there is no one perfect device for everything.

I got the TF700 last week and after using it for a while, I’m slightly disappointed. It automatically updated to Android 4.2, but loading my usual apps I had on my rooted HP touchpad slowed it dramatically. On the touchpad, I usually have ~500mb of available memory so it runs well, but the TF700 only has ~200mb available. I’m just not seeing the increased performance over the touchpad. I guess I’ll have to root and ROM the TF700 to see it.

I gave my wife my TF700T with dock and she loves it. Probably already said, but the dock provides standard SD card storage (in addition to the micro SD card on the tablet) as well as a decent keyboard. I purchased the TF701T and the dock. The TF701T performance is much better than TF700, no surprise, however I’ve been very disappointed with the dock, it doesn’t connect to the tablet reliably. At any rate, I think $300 for the TF700T and dock is a good deal if you’re a light user who needs a decent keyboard.

Asus support is a HORROR. I bought the refurb TF700T from Woot in early December, the wifi is hardly functional, and when I called Asus, they said that the 90-day warranty had expired on 12/17. I bought the tablet 12/11. Great deal on warranty bookkeeping, huh?

Now I have to wait for them to verify the warranty, then wipe the tablet (which means I will have spend hours re-loading it when it returns), IF it’s actually fixed, and SEND IT TO THEIR TX CENTER ON MY DIME, A $15 CHARGE THEY WILL NOT REIMBURSE. Not to mention the time to fill out the RMA sheet (which they don’t actually read), and packing and shipping.

So, you buy a warranted product, you can’t take it for repair locally, you have to pick up the charge to send THEIR broken product back, and then wait at least a month to get it back. This happened to me last year.

If I didn’t love my Transformer keyboard so much, I would dump it. Thank God I got the Squaretrade warranty. They are great. But Asus sucks.

The biggest downside to any of these (and to the nexus and ipad) is the lack of active digitizer, which is a huge difference over your run of the mill stylus. Note taking on a tablet or convertible ultrabook with that feature is head and shoulders above doing so with a normal stylus, but you pay for it, which the exception of a 7 inch asus tab that is in the process of being released for around $350 atm.

I have a Galaxy Note 3 and I don’t really use the pen input. That’s basically the reason I got the TF701 vs the Note 10.1 tablet, I figured I’d get more use out of the keyboard than the stylus. I don’t mind having it, just don’t ever feel the need for it. That’s just me though, I’m sure others prefer to write than type.

Yeah, my TF701 dock isn’t great but it’s apparently better than most. Very disappointed that Asus hasn’t stepped up to fix the problem and it’s showing in reduced sales.

I’m very wary of the TF700 as the graphics aren’t well matched to the screen. Though Cromi-X ROM apparently fixes that problem, I hear.

Purchased a Zenbook on 2/20/14 and emailed Woot per shipping status and this was the reply:

Buyer Beware …

Thank you for taking the time to email us. We appreciate your concerns as well as your business.

Sorry for the delay. It’s not uncommon for a package to sit in one location for up to 10 days without actually being lost or shipped. It just depends on where the package is shipping from. Please allow through 3/05/14 for the order to arrive and for tracking numbers to be assigned. If it doesn’t, please let us know and we’ll try to get to the bottom of it.

Woot Member Services,

Hey there weklund. Let me see if I can help here.

The sale said that it would ship out in 3-5 business days. You ordered on the 20th so today is the 3rd business day after the sale. It should ship soon and you’ll be sent a tracking number as soon as we receive it from the vendor.

Once it ships, allow 3-8 days for transit.

Hope that helps.

Received the Acer Iconia Tab B1-710-L451 - 7" 16GB for christmas. I have an original 8GB Kindle Fire that I received 2 years ago. The ACER has a really meager camera facing the user (for Skipe but not much else). Mine only has a single speaker. When I compared it to the 2 year old Kindle the battery life and speakers aren’t as good as the Kindle. The display is the same resolution as the Kindle, adequate. It does have bluetoodh (Audio only) as well as GPS and is a true android with the Google Play store. I would have expected more improvement in two years time… This is a fine 1st tablet, for $99 but isn’t much more than that.