Tablish Tablets

interested in any input on how these work in a classroom. especially with onenote, or an equivalent program.

The one with the Core i3 should work in the classroom and much like a regular PC.

Just gonna put this out there: I picked up a refurb’d generation 2 Nexus 7 32gb last time it was on sale here, and it’s been fantastic.

With XBMC installed and a 15 dollar adapter, this thing has basically replaced all possible cable outside of sports.

I got the VivoTab Smart about a week ago. I like it, it’s well-built and has decent features for the price. The display is pretty good, the 64 GB SSD is a minimum acceptable size for a Windows device, and the weight & dimensions keep it portable. It’s not amazingly fast, particularly when I have multiple tabs open in Chrome, but it’s quite capable for an Atom CPU and only 2 GB of RAM. The speaker is difficult to hear; it’s in the back, within the rear cover (with no outlet) but at least it’s not quite as tinny and painful as the one on my Acer Chromebook. Overall I’m glad I bought it. I also got the Transleeve/Keyboard combo on Amazon.

If anyone has any questions about this you can PM me, I may not check back in this thread.

Does the Proscan come with an AC adapter?

I’m actually slightly tempted to get an Atom-based Win8 tablish tablet.

I received the samsung tab 3 last week and it’s great! And now woot put out the same tablet with accessories. AAAHHHHH!!!

just received my asus tablet received with the seal broken, did not have the charger, there were fingerprints all over it and it looks like a used item


Sorry to hear about your experience. I took a look at the Asus tablets in this sale, it looks like they all have a 90 Day Asus warranty. I’d suggest getting in touch with them for assistance. If you need more help along the way, please email your order info and situation to

I picked up the Asus ME172V for my son’s birthday. I should have tested it on arrival (but didn’t because I wanted him to have that first-boot Android experience) because by the time his birthday came around and we tried charging it up for him, it wouldn’t charge and neither Woot nor Asus wanted to have anything to do with it. (ASUS took it in as an RMA, but then sent it back and it still won’t charge.)

I won’t be doing any more advance birthday shopping on Woot.