This is just so good.

Great design, i love Daredevil. Used to read DD comix all the time as a kid.

Daredevil? This is clearly Deadpool. You can tell by the way he’s cat-spreading. :slight_smile:

I do appreciate the new location of the tail :slight_smile:

It was “more” deadpool the other way, but yeah. Wonder why it was changed?

There’s cat spreading, and then there’s exposing yourself. I don’t think Woot is as comfortable crossing that line. Deadpool probably wouldn’t have a problem with it.

I thought he was more into chimichangas.

This kitty is just sooooo cute, I love how chubby he is! :3 congrats Walmazan a fantastic win!

I’ll be glad when people realize Deadpool isn’t as funny or edgy as everyone wants him to be.

Is this the new post-Amazon price now even for woot special ones?!! Yikes… $15 for a woot special is pricey…

and then on Friday’s Black Panther shirt:
“I love Batman. This is like the Teen Titan version of Batman. Great job!”

Oh, you troll :smiley:

(I’m really late posting this, aren’t I?)

Shipping is included and they changed the shirts. My .sig links to the post and discussion thread.

Yes. Yes you are.