Tactical Apparel: Propper & Tru-Spec

I bought a few pairs of the shorts when they were previously offered. I really liked the shorts, but the sizing was off (I typically wear size 38’s, but they were far too small).

Was it a previous error with the sizing that is now fixed? or do I need to order something a few sizes larger to accommodate for the difference in their sizing measurements?

My understanding is that the measurements are correct as we have them. If yours are clearly much smaller than they ought to- my inclination is to advise you contact the manufacturer to ask if that’s the norm or if that was a one-off issue. If the former, definitely order bigger, if the latter- they owe you a replacement and it looks like we’re handling that warranty so you can contact our CS team using the support tab towards the top of the page.

For wrinkle resistant material that shirt sure looks like it has quite a few!

I find that interesting; most of the reviews I have read regarding any of the Propper apparel is that the sizing is too big…

I am debating on purchasing one of their shirts, and a majority of the reviews said to purchase a size down…