Tactical Apparel: Propper & Tru-Spec

“100% Cotton” pants are not 100% or even close to 100%.

They are actually 65% Polyester and 35% Cotton. On top of that they’re coated with some sort of Teflon (for stain protection?) that makes them stiff, scratchy and stink of toxins. If you hate organic fabrics, and like the sensation of sandpaper in your pants… then you’ll love these.

I’m definitely returning them. Organic isn’t a requirement, but poly soaked in carcinogens to a stiff sandpaper is not a quality I’m fond of in clothing.

Why is is that I can NEVER find this style of pants in 32x34?

Tactical and hunting style pants. For some reason, mfg think that no one comes in that size.

Don’t suppose there’s anyone out there who ordered the S jacket but could actually use the M instead? I did the opposite and would be happy to swap with you.

The best deal on Woot are these discontinued Propper boots. They’re my favorite shoes now. They run large. I’m supposed to be a 13.5/14 (by official size scales-I wear 14 in Adidas hiking boots) but the 12 fits me perfectly with thick merino socks. I bought another pair they were so comfortable and a pair for my son. Just my luck stuff I love gets discontinued.