Tactical LED Flashlight

Tactical LED Flashlight

What features make this tactical? There’s no strobe or super-bright setting to disorient an attacker, does not appear big/heavy enough for blunt force defense, I don’t see serrated edges to enable breaking car windows in an emergency, no built-in radio or compass.

It’s possible the high/low pattern on the edging around the head could grab an attackers DNS in a fight.

You could possible use this with a weapon, but only to check if there are bullets in, not to aim.

7 lumens? That’s about 49w, which is recommended for a nightlight.

What am I missing?

Agree with everything the generic wooter said. Obviously, “tactical” is an overused, almost meaningless marketing jargon… but this stretches it to levels of utmost ridiculousness. Not only does this flashlight not meet any standard (real or imaginary) or being “tactical,” it almost useless. 7 lumens? Laughable!

An iPhone flashlight is between 40 and 50 lumens!!!

You can buy cheap little keychain flashlights that are brighter.

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This flashlight is over-priced at ANY price. It should not even be manufactured.

Rant complete.