Tactical Military Mid-Size Backpack

It says “hand wash only.” Why? What happens if you toss it in the washing machine?

It also says it’s made of nylon, but the strapping looks more like cotton.

Does it have an internal frame?

Its been my experience that many of these packs have a semi-rigid plastic water barrier that can get cracked and damaged when put into a washing machine. I have a larger pack like this one that I simply wash off in the shower, a little detergent soap in a spray bottle diluted about 4:1 with water does a good job without beating the pack up.

Wow, that’s straight out of H1Z1.

Thanks. That’s useful information.

I’ve ordered a 2nd one of these in black. (after my first lasting about a year of everyday use and heavy travel) The first ones seams ripped open in a couple spots, BUT it had TWO zippers on each opening, which was ideal.

The second one seems like heavier duty ‘fabric’ but only has a SINGLE zipper on each so it’s directional, rather than opening from either side or the tops.

Just a little insight. I still like it as a pack, but the zipper thing annoys the crap out of me.

This pack is crap. It’s a clone of the Maxpedition sling pack, but with poor quality material and components.

My buddy owns one, and it tore within a month from typical use.

Holy Cowa, this thing is tiny! I’m not big - 5’5" - 150# and I won’t even try to wear this on a day hike. Stand back a distance and it looks bigger - like the picture. It’s smaller than my 5th grader’s book bag. VERY disappointing. The material is heavy but construction feels really cheap! It may have to go back.

This pack is horrible. The material is very low quality

I got my 2 bags today. Both are of the same quality fabric. It’s pretty durable looking and feeling. I can’t imagine anyone complaining about the quality. I definitely would not throw a backpack in the washer, but maybe I’m overthinking it. My problem isn’t the quality or the build, it’s the size. I should have thought about the specs more when I read them. But, mid-size seemed to me like something more than a book bag sized backpack. I guess I expected I could throw a lot of medical supplies or whatever in here. My medkit is bigger than this thing. I have a camelback daybag that may be larger than this, too. So, $20 is probably what I would expect to pay retail for this. A woot deal? Not so much. I’ll keep them because I made the mistake and I’m sure I can still stuff some gear in here for quick grab and go purposes, but definitely not a BOB.

Woah!!! Small. Lot of adjustable straps. Each time I picked it up to take it, one strap broke each time. I’ve got a small backpack with a lot of spaghetti looking straps hanging from it. No longer can I put it on a hook at night. Two bungee cords, strapped to the back of my motorcycle . I’m good. Holds-up really well facing the elements. Works even better as a saddle bag.