Tactical Military Mid-Size Backpack

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Tactical Military Mid-Size Backpack
Price: $19.99
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This backpack is small. Like kid-sized small. I would have returned it if I could have.

thx for the heads up, you saved me from wasting 20 bucks, the pictures do kinda make it seem bigger

yeah they should have an adult in the picture carrying for scale purpose. i knew it was kid size. they be tricking me like that.

backpack is tiny in size, and the quality is extremely poor. zippers are awkwardly placed and when loaded, if the zippers are partially open, they will slide down to the bottom of the bag, giving it a tendency to yawn wide open and dump all your stuff on the ground. The zippers then exploded after only one trip. bought for fly fishing, and the nylon webbing began unraveling as well. save your money and invest in a nicer bag.

Thanks for the review. Thought of getting for my 11 yr old son for a backpack. But it sounds like poor quality.

It is small!
YouTube video, go 1m10s in. If you want decent size tactical bags (which are small but bigger than this) or larger packs, Woot usually has deals on Yukon Outfitter bags. Those are study and great (I have 3 styles).

thanks for the heads up

This backpack is mostly a series of straps, with a small storage compartment.

Yes, thanks for the tip! They make it look huge. No wonder they did not show it on a person.

Sure wish we didn’t always have to be suspicious of everybody and everything.

Bought this for $10 from Amazon and it’s barely worth what I paid for it. I am a small guy - 160 lbs 30 inch waist - so it would be a good size for me, but the waist strap won’t reach around my body. The shoulder straps constantly slide out. My 5 year old likes playing like a soldier with it.

It’s been like Groundhog Day on Woot for the last 3 days! What’s going on?

This is a general comment: The categories on the menu bar are returning items from earlier this week, and don’t match what you see at the bottom of the page.

To all those complaining about how small it is; would it have been so difficult to read the “Features” section, where it clearly states:
Measures 11 x 17 with a 7 inch thickness, weighs 1.4 lbs?

There now, was that so hard?

Clearly stated …

Yes, we’re aware of the issue. Seems to be only with Chrome and we’re looking into it.

I own this. The material is good quality but everything else is just awful. It’s poorly stitched and the zippers come undone on their own. The idea of it being a 100 dollar backpack is actually ridiculous. The most tactical thing it should be used for is a picnic

whats going on with list prices on woot? yesterday it said a 3 pack white hanes tshirts retail for 50 bucks. what?

Seems like it’s already established that this pack is crap.

If you really need an inexpensive option, then I agree with what another poster said, keep an eye out for the Yukon Outfitters deals. I’ve found that in this particular segment of packs, you definitely get what you pay for. The Yukons aren’t top end, nor worth MSRP, but they’re usually worth what WOOT sells them for.

If you shop at Monoprice, they have an outdoor line now and just came out with a day bag that looks pretty decent for $70. 1000D Nylon, self-repairing YKK zippers, hydration-pack ready, and the MOLLE-style webbing.

If you’re in the market for a true tactical bag for hunting/hiking/etc., spend the money on a Maxpedition or a 5.11 bag. Genuine MOLLE compatibility, good waist straps, double stitching on the grab handle and shoulder straps, the same YKK zippers.

Just always look at the specs before you jump in on the looks. “Tactical” is being added to so many things because it sounds cool (like the “tactical” flashlights from earlier this week that are crap) but do your homework to make sure that it earns that title. If a Marine or infantryman or LEO wouldn’t trust it, it’s not tactical.

Can something this size be 30L? I have 30L backpacks that are a lot larger than this.