Tactical Scout Sling Pack (4 Colors)

I commute by train to & from work, so this bag is the perfect size to carry the items I carry with me daily during my commute. It holds my 8.4 tab easily w/room to spare, & the compartments provide the space I need for any extra items.

A very small bag that doesn’t really hold much at all.

Regardless of all your nay-saying, these Yukon Outfitters Scout Sling Packs (and the other YO bags about which you seem to have size issues) will hold exactly what they are able to. If it doesn’t hold what you want, get a bigger bag and stop whining.

Nice! Bwa ha ha. :+1:t3:

I’ve carried mine daily for over a year and I like it. It’s held up well, no issues with the zippers. The only sign of wear I’ve experienced is on the mesh back where the slide of my pistol is starting to wear a hole, mine doesn’t have the nylon loop shown in the pictures. Buying another as a backup.