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Click it. I don’t wanna

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Not clicking that.


Be nice im noob :speak_no_evil:

It’s a link to the individual greetings thread which new forum signups have.

Welcome to Woot! The secret password is “I miss the old Woot.”

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It’s a dead link. Like it never existed or something.

If I were to link to the ongoing PM thread which I have with @qazxswe, you’d get the same result since you’re not part of it.

We both know @qazxswe isn’t real. But thanks for the explanation.

Pssst…I have popsicles.


What flavor(s)?

Everything but banana and root beer. Those are trash.

I think there’s cherry, pineapple, purple, lime, chemicals, blue. The usual.

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Chemicals is my favorite. Can I have one, too?

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Bring them to the next BBQ.

Of course! Sharing is caring.

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I think bbq is a touchy subject today.


You missed it?

I don’t think we’re qualified to have a bbq. I mean, Saturday I dumped some charcoal in my grill and lit it. Then after an undetermined amount of time I put some cheese hot dogs on to cook. Sure they were delicious, but I don’t know if my smoke payout was enough. My lighter hasn’t ever been calibrated. Did I use the right charcoal? Was the metal of my grill the right thickness? Was my fire fiery enough? Gosh I don’t know.

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