Taft Street Rosé of Pinot Noir (6)



Taft Street 2010 Rosé of Pinot Noir 6-Pack
$79.99 (Normally $132.60) 40% off List Price
2010 Rosé of Pinot Noir, Sonoma County
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Hardly a steal - regular $9.94 from Saratoga Wine Exchange


OK, I’m going to show off my wine naiveté and ask (rather than google about for an answer): I always thought Pinot Noir was a much redder wine. The few that I’ve tried were. How does a 100% Pinot Noir end up this light rose color? How would this taste compared to a darker red Pinot Noir?


but that is twice the quantity. is it good? i havent been blown away by woot pinot noirs so far…


From my understanding it would simply be limited skin contact with the juice during fermentation.


It is Pinot Noir with minimal skin contact during fermentation. It gets many of of the lighter flavors and aromas of pinot and is meant to consumed chilled.

Typically perfect for summer but I would actually recommend this for the the thanksgiving table.

I ordered it last time and loved it and am considering ordering more.

edit: in for another set.


except that minimum order is 12 bottles and the cheapest shipping to me in cali is $45. So if I went in for two on woot I would be still be saving $5 on an equal quantity.


True, can’t beat $5 shipping


cortot20, tiphound -
thanks for the info! The GF likes Pinot Noir, but neither of us are fans of whites, so I’m not sure if she’d like this. I’ll find a single bottle of the type locally to try out before committing to a large purchase.

Thanks again!


Ugh, you guys make it hard. Everyone has positive comments, but I feel like whatever I get isn’t as good as I can get down the street.


do you live on taft street?
if so, im sure its the same wine.


Where is down the street? If you are talking your local liquor store, do you have any idea how long those bottles sit there? More than likely they aren’t kept at the proper storage temperature either. .

90% of the time I got straight to the source to my buy my wine. There is 1 wine and spirits store I will go to if I want to try new things because I know how they store their bottles.


Ha no, I got the Swami and Stoner Pinot Noir and we werent super impressed. hmmmmmmmm


More importantly, do they ship ground or express. Ground was a nightmare with the Swami. Sat in town for over 2 weeks being mislabeled again and again. And this is Memphis, the freakin hub!


Did anyone here buy the barolo earlier? (sorry for the off topic post - just so bummed I missed it)


ground now that Summer is over. During summer shipping time they went Express.