Taft Street Winery Mixed White - 4 Pack

Taft Street Winery Mixed White - 4 Pack
$45.99 + $5 shipping
2 2008 Gewurztraminer Mendocino County
2 2009 Riesling Russian River Valley
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At least they use 100% of the grape offered, unlike the previous woot blends of floor sweepings .I will stick to german brands for this type of wine.

Most of the Rieslings and Gewurztraminer that I had were from the Finger Lakes. How do these compare/differ?

I certainly like their story, nothing exemplifies pursuing the American dream more then following your passion and making it successful!

Mudman has a new avatar! A Christmas-themed one. I changed mine in honor of mudman’s crawling bug. I wonder if he will be gifting Château d’Yquem to us all?

You realize that some of the most respected wines in the world are blends, right? Bordeaux, CdP, super Tuscans, etc. are all “floor sweepings.” (Better mods?)

They can be as respected as anyone wants them to be. I prefer my wines pure. This trend towards blending of late is a real turn off for me.

Honestly for me that is like arguing what is better apples or oranges. I think both bring different tastes to the table, and it is just whatever your palate prefers. For me it does not matter if its pure or if its a blend if its well made and tastes good.

“Of late”?! Blending isn’t some new, radical idea that was cooked up at a UC Davis class. Why does blending make a less pure wine?

For me blending is like baking a cheesecake. Sure some ingredients taste amazing on their own, but if you mix them together you get a whole new array of flavors

Speaking of radical ideas, why not create a dryness scale for those of us who are not so educated on the types and blends of wines. A scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being “hear your teeth crack” sweet and 1 being “suck the liquids from your body” dry. Anyone up to the task?


So you’re saying we should mix some of this wine into a cheesecake receipe? Now that’s a radical idea…


It is hard to quantify though. I think this is why they have the categories of dry, semi dry, off dry and sweet. Gewertz is usually floral and more toward the dry side, and rieslings can vary a lot.

According to the retail

@$16 for the Riesling
@$18 for the Gewurztraminer

You’re looking at $68

So not including the shipping it’s more than a 30% discount. Not bad! In for 2!

Do you mean something like this? Sweetness of wine

Fair enough. Its just I (read that as my wife) prefer a semi-sweet and the occasional dessert or sweet wine. Neither of us have a taste for dry wines. We would probably purchase more from here if they were more consistent with the descriptions. I realize Wine.Woot gives us what they get from the wineries but if they made it a requirement…

Yes. But the RS isn’t always the tell.
BTW: Thank you for the link. I’ll be using it.

I love this winery!! Have been part of their wine club for years. These are both on the dry side…not a dessert wine. I just had the riesling the other day with crackers and cheese. Don’t expect super dry, there is a hint of sweetness.