Cute top. I wish it’d been reversed with the koala in front.

This is what happens when the marsupial in my pocket gets older and grows too big …

You too can advertise your willingness to be an amusement park ride for adorable marsupials visiting from Down Under.

This has been done before! Oh, someone beat me to the call, and even found the link. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do like trompe l’oeil though.


I have the pocket version! http://shirt.woot.com/offers/marsupial-in-my-pocket

This would be great fun: When someone says"I love the koala on your back!" You say,shocked, “THERE’S A KOALA ON MY BACK!!!”

Oooh dear. How many cute things sitting on your back can one girl carry? Even a big fat one. I already have RobbiLee’s ninja (Shhhh!), yesterday’s yoda… Oh well, fine, come on everybody, just keep on jumping on my back. LOL.

Exactly!!! Or just simply yelp and jump away

Reminds me of this one.


I came here reading the title expecting to find girl scout cookies, I was duped!

they should totally do a mash up with this on back and the pocket on front, instabuy

What happened to the USA made shirts? I see for some reason you are getting them from Honduras??? At least your printing them in the USA.
Why even give a choice? Made in USA should just be the norm. You have a choice, WOOT should lead the way and only offer the “MADE IN USA” shirts.

Finally…a woot shirt with the design on the BACK, where it belongs!

Ah yes, the dangers of Eucalyptus chewing gum. I’m glad you’re tackling this important issue, Radscoolian.

Koala awareness!

(Congrats. ^_^)

Kinda cute…but I think this design would be better if it were submitted by Raymb…but still cute, and I’m sure my girl will want this one too…

Marsupial anatomy pedantry 101: Koalas have two thumbs per hand. :nerd:


Was going to buy this for my wife, but we’ll hold out in the hope it will come back on a hoodie!

You realize that Ramy hasn’t submitted to any derby here since March, right?

Woot went to a different supplier last year … so pay attention to the sizing chart, folks!