What are the dimensions of the boards in the “Backyard Hero Deluxe Bean Bag Toss” set?

Beanbag toss??


It depends on whether the bags are filled with dried beans or dried corn…

Prices of $119-$129 on the canopies on Amazon.

Seem to be more favorable reviews for the slant-leg version than the straight-leg version.

May be issues with company honoring warranty. Worth a read on Amzn. Price seems right for these.

False. Bags can be filled with dried beans, dried corn, or even the latest trend of plastic pellets to be kept from absorbing moisture or being eaten by animals if accidentally left out over night. Regardless of what the bags are filled with, the game is called cornhole due to its origins. Though some claim it was invented in Europe a long time ago, the first documented games were played in Cincinnati, where the bags were filled with corn. No one says the NBA plays “netball”. We call the sport basketball because it was invented throwing a soccer ball into a fruit basket. So unless you’re a [MOD: No name calling] who says netball, don’t call cornhole “bean bag toss”, and get your facts straights before you try to correct someone else on it.

I THOROUGHLY approve of the Georgia Dawg shout-out in the advertisement photo, because they are the only one of the 14 teams you are selling bean bags for that is important. :wink: Which of the Woot! staffers is also a fan/alum?

Also, anyone who knows anything knows that this game is called cornhole, regardless of the content of the baggies!

Good question. Our trusty measuring tape says:

Board Dimensions: 35.25" x 23.5"

This has been added to the sale.

What material are the cornhole bags make out of? Doesn’t look like duck cloth (most bags are made from that, really durable). This stuff looks a little thin.

Oh, and go Vols.

The things I do for you guys. Went to the sample room, pulled the thing out of the box, out of the carry case, opened it enough to pull out two bags.

The bags:

Size: 5" x 5"
Weight (on our scale): 10 oz.
Material: 100% Polyester
Fill: 100% white plastic pellets (kinda feel like corn, I guess).

Heavy little guys. The material seemed pretty thick to me.

Thank you thank you :slight_smile:

How do you play the Sports Backyard Hero Washer Toss?

Is it small enough to be an indoor game as well? Do the two pieces come apart?

What are the boards made of?

Width: 16" across
Height: 7.5" (3.75 for each side)

The two sides do come apart.

Hero Rules
Blind toss off - One player from each team closes their eyes and pitches one washer from the pitch zone. Whoever is closest to the hole elects which team goes first.

Skunk Rule - If one team scores eleven points before the other team scores ANY, the scoreless team has been skunked and may elect to drink a beverage or forfeit the game.

Three Point Rule - For every 3 point shot that is made, the opposing team may elect to drink a beverage or throw their next set of washers with their opposite hand.

There are other games but that gives you an idea.

Junior Distance: 6’ apart
Casual Distance: 10’ apart
Pro Distance: 18’ apart

Don’t know but it was a heavy sucker. I probably wouldn’t store it outdoors.


get that guy a quality post +1

Hehehehe, you said ‘toss off’

Those slant-leg canopies have no business calling themselves 10x10 or 12x12, that is measuring the footprint and not the actual canopy coverage. They’re 8x8 and 9x9.

Silly wooter. :tongue: