Takara Blacktop 24" Fixie Bike, 2 Colors

How much will it cost to fix it?

Takaras are garbage. Take that 99 and apply it towards a real bike. The parts are cheap and frequently break and high tensile steel is an aweful frame material

If I didn’t already own a bike, I would buy the green and yellow one just because of the colors!

Way more than it’s worth, If you are buying a bike on a budget watch craigslist, ebay, or bikesdirect.com.


Can’t speak to the quality of the bike, but I like that it has a flip flop hub. Fixed can be fun but it is really nice to have the option to freewheel

A handful of great reviews (4.6 out of 5.0) over at amazon

Judging from the details on some of the parts and how it looks like it was packaged in the video review on Amazon, I think this bike is from the same manufacturer that makes the Wal-Mart AND Target “fixies”. I just bought one on sale at Wal-Mart for $69 (kind of regretting it after reading up on the manuf. “Kent”, but I haven’t even ridden it yet so maybe it won’t be so bad). So weird woot, first the Denon receiver, now this?

Weight, WOOT?

WEIGHT is the most crtical aspect of a bicycle. Schlupping around 45 pounds of steel is no fun.

Please do the right thing and provide that spec for your bikes.

The world’s larget manufacturer of crappy bikes is Pacific Cycle. I wouldn’t be surprised if this is one of their many, many brands.

WIKI - “Pacific Cycle, Inc. is an American division of Canadian conglomerate Dorel Industries that imports and distributes bicycles.”


Fixies are a joke. They are the hipsters of bikes. Buy a bike with gears and brakes and don’t be a victim of this nonsense.

According to Dazadi they’re
29.5 lbs


We’ll also have the weight found from the sample hopefully soon.

This comment is ridiculous. First off, you can clearly see brake lines. All kinds of bikes have good uses and fixed gear bikes are no exception. (Typed by someone who commutes fixed at least half of the time)

Anyways, this bike. Hmmm. 24" wheels means it’s a kids bike. And honestly, most of them are going to be single speed anyways. The frame is going to be heavy, but solid. The parts are not quality by any means, but there aren’t any derailleurs, which on really bottom of the line bikes is what causes problems first. The flip-flop hub adds some value to the buy and it’s half the price the bike is at Amazon. If your kid wants to try out this style of bike, you could do worse. Just, for the love of Sheldon Brown, make sure the cog and lockring are tightened properly before trying to do “sweet skids”.


I bought this identical bike in WalMart 3 months ago for the exact same price.
It’s a great bike for flat riding and the one speed and big wheels made it perfect for my purpose. Only complaint was the skinny seat so I replaced it and bought Reebok sneakers with the same colors and I was cool in the heat.

They’re ruining fixies for all the true hipsters that use their parents money to buy expensive recycled bicycles from the 1970s.

I wouldn’t hit Woot! on this. Having just purchased a high end bike for my wife I can tell you that weight is NOT one of the specs that is easy to find on many manufacturer’s sites. Check out Trek, Specialized, Pivot, Santa Cruz et al - You can find almost every spec that you want, but not weight. The most likely place to find a bike’s weight is from reviewers…

Having just bought a round of kids bikes at Chirstmas, at 24" most are multi-speed; single-gear bikes as the norm stopped at the 20" size (and even at that size, my daughter would have preferred to have at least a 3 speed option).

It is definitely on a multispeed style frame but it is a kids bike. Don’t expect to be 6’ and ride this comfortably.

That being said, even for a kids bike I would probably stay away from this. I learned long ago to stay away from department store bikes, at least if buying new. If you need a cheap bike, buy used.