Take a Stand (for your Television)



Are you a wall hanging tv type, or a media stand sort?


So…where is the one in the first picture? It doesn’t seem to be offered.


Looks like the bottom one, Coventry Lg, black maybe?


It’s kinda tricky… Ya got nine different little pictures after that first big picture, and ya gotta match color, shape, etc., and THEN you have to imagine a tv sitting where NO tv is actually shown! Mind blowing!


Does anyone have any experience with these? Like, are they sturdy, or what?


Yeah, I think you’re right…these old eyes couldn’t see the drawers in black!!! Thanks


Aww man should have held off a while back when they were selling the one we have now because I see one that I like even more.


What is the construction material used for the SEI MS9877H Black TV Stand/ Media Console?


I have a Bush TV cabinet (not the one available here). Assembly was easy. It’s a heavy piece once assembled, and looks better than that Scandinavian junk. Mine holds our 42" flat panel on top, with components and DVDs inside. It does sometimes heat up more than you might like with the doors closed. There are prefab holes in the back panel for feeding cords and some ventilation. Some folks add a hole or two to increase air flow. Remotes work easily through the glass doors. There were two damaged pieces in the box, but Bush customer service was prompt in shipping me the replacements.


We have the black Homelegance one. It’s pretty darn sturdy. The legs are nice and thick which helps with the sturdiness and fits the DVR, Blu-Ray, Xbox and Wii in the middle part. All the DVDs, games and accessories we have fit nicely in the two storage areas behind closed doors.


I agree…The picture drew me in, but only the Antique Black is offered for purchase…:frowning: YUK!!!


This sucks I would like to buy, but WOOT will not allow me to buy!!! I bought a stupid sleeping bag just to see if it was a problem with my account now I own it!!

I will be pissed off if I’m not able get this TV stand!!



Which TV Stand are you trying to buy? and what issues are you experiencing?


SEI MS9877H Black TV Stand/ Media Console
$299.99 27% off List Price



You didn’t answer the second part.
What issues are you encountering when ordering? How far are you able to go into the ordering process?


What is this one made of?

SEI MS9877H Black TV Stand/ Media Console

Wood? Metal? Particle Board?


The order was denied


Roger to be exact;

What’s going on here?

Your payment authorization was denied. Please try your order again later.

I tried several time with no avail…

Thinking it was my problem I ordered Sleeping bags now I own 2 of them!



Woot makes an authorization charge to verify that funds are available before completing the sale. It sounds like your bank is not verifying the funds. You might check with your bank to see if there are other pending charges that would keep your order from being approved.

Also, if you are using PayPal, it must be backed with a credit card or bank account.

In the meantime, email Member Services at support@woot.com

I’ll ping them from this end too.

Woot Staff