Take A TV Stand

Oooh, how much for the original XBox?

Call me silly, but I wish that telephone booth was blue, and was a police call box. Just sayin.

A gallon or two of paint from your local hardware store can take care of that. :tongue:

Not all of these have weight/tv size specs listed.

Will any hold a 65", 70 lbs. television? I can’t find one, but it’s possible I’m missing it.

This one says fits over 60"

It’s a little disconcerting when it says “Fits most flat screen TV’s over 60”."

I’d like to hear about an upper-limit rather than a speculative statement saying it will fit most large televisions.

Don’t buy anything from Furinno .

I ordered a end table from them once and neglected to fully analyze the dimensions. They tend to make really tiny furniture solutions. In fact, my end table is so tiny, it might as well be a children’s table.

With that being said, build quality was good. No scratches or damaged corners.

I’ll open the paint can with a sonic screwdriver then, yeah?

Wait a minute. The quality was good but you’re recommending people stay away because it was smaller than you expected it to be even though it had dimensions listed?



The “no tools” multi level stand actually looks like it would work very well in my daughter room as a storage shelf. She likes to play “house” with her stuffed animals and I could definitely see her using this as a multi level stuffie condo/storage shelf.


Loving the design of this piece.

Bought a similar tv stand from SEI, on amazon…bad decision! So cheaply made!

Anyone bought the above piece?

Nope, but for what it’s worth Abbeyson products seem well reviewed online.

And FYI, this product appears identical to that entertainment center, but for over $100 less (with free shipping!) at Overstock. In fact Overstock appears to have many of the Abbeyson products for cheaper. Under different names though, so you need to look at the design and dimensions to make sure they match.


Sadly, that was the first thing I noticed too.

no info on construction materials make me leery of these items. whats up with woot anymore? since amazon bought them it seems like the people describing items are phoning it in.

Living in a 113 year old farmhouse, most modern furniture looks odd.

I also get a kick out of all the “old tech” furniture donated to thrift stores. Most include deep cabinets to accommodate the tube monitor, some have slots to supply pin-feed paper to the dot matrix printer.

Then there are the cabinets that open to reveal slots for VHS tapes.

Things change fast!

A lot of these prices seem high… I suppose for some people they may be in their price range but for a spur of the moment impulse buy… I cannot see spending this type of cash on it.

I think I’ll stick to Ikea where I can see it up close and then burn my house down trying to put it together.

Yeah, or the giant DVD player that probably cost $500 new. :slight_smile: