Take Care Of Your Skin

OK, so with all of the different sections, you’ve confused me…but wouldn’t skincare and personal grooming aids be a better fit in “Accessories & Watches” (where you sell perfumes, colognes, etc.) than in “Home” (where you sell vacuum cleaners)?

Just sayin’…

It is a vacuum cleaner. The word vacuum is even in the description. First it grinds then it sucks. Too bad they don’t offer a Rumba version that roves your face while you sleep…

I know they’ve had this microderm machine before - any previous buyers want to offer feedback on how it does? I debated last time but just didn’t want to gamble the money without hearing how it works.

Never used it but at the same time all the reviews I read seem fake. Never trust a product that relies on fake reviews to sell itself.

As for the light therapy lamps, you can purchase just a red or blue light therapy bulb (not the entire lamp) on Amazon. Since I already had a “goose neck” lamp, it worked out great for me. I haven’t had much time to sit for treatment but the few times I have used it, I saw a difference in my skin. I’m glad a person giving a review of the product on Amazon mentioned doing this because it saved me quite a bit of money.

Three months ago I bought the red lamp and the microdermabrasion machine here but having just bought a bunch of face potions from Costco in reaction to turning 50, it’s hard to say what has helped the most. There is, however, a marked improvement in my skin. What feels the best is the dermabrasion. A plastic surgeon friend told me the best product is a needle roller that helps skin produce collagen (bought mine on Amazon)hurts like hell at first but he swears it’s the best kept secret and costs about $12. I would buy either the lamp or the micodermabrasion again though…could be the placebo effect but I feel that they work.

I bought the red light therapy somewhere else almost 2 years ago. Turning 60 soon and see a huge difference using it. Mine is hand held and I use it when I check out woot.

I knew woot was going downhill, but I didn’t anticipate them turning into flat out snake oil salesmen. humiliating.

How did you miss the dozens of times they’ve sold Power Balance bands?

Hey all! Just wanted to let you know that the buyer has lowered the price on the Home LED Anti-Aging Photofacial Device to $190. Now please go buy 3 and be wrinkle free! I’m a rhyming fool.

As always, if you already purchased it, you’ll be refunded the difference automagically.