Take It Back



http://www.shirtsonsale.info-a.googlepages.com/missedsale_sadrat.gif*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race.

Wanna buy it later? Click this link!


10 hours work finally paid off! Congrats!


Yaaay! The one I wanted! Congrats. =D In for two. My woot buddy is asleep right now. =3


Wasnt this already there sometime back??


This shirt is awesome :smiley:


not my favorite, but congrats on the win. I hope Angry Day gets third. I need that angry squirrel.


Congrats on getting it printed so long after submittal :slight_smile: Good colors.


in for one, love it


Yay! New shirt for me. In for one.


So this is what the USA looks like from “cyber”-space? That’s awesome!!!

In for 2.


  • Ian


ME TOO! Must have squirrel!!!


looks like microsoft is using woot to advertise… a sound system for xbox and a shirt that makes people think you own an xbox


and then there were two…


Congratulations! I’m so happy you won!


I do too. I like this T also, but DH wants the anggggggrrrrrrrrrry animals.


Don’t believe so.


not accurate either… ATL is a huge hub.


Where does it say on the main page or otherwise, that this supposed to be accurate?

Why are people so critical of little insignificant things like this?


NIce one