Take my money, cancel my order

I want to share what will be my first & only experience with Woot.
I placed an order for Amazon Echos, Woot took my money, my order was confirmed. I go & buy smart bulbs, switches etc to work with the Echo. A week later, Woot cancels my order with no explanation so I’m now stuck with a load of kit I can’t use AND Woot tells me it will take them 7 days to return my money.
Hey Woot, you suck & you are a stain on the Amazon company.

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@Wooter995621141 I’m very sorry for the poor experience. The 7 days is how long it might take our two banks to talk and get everything settled. We issued the refund immediately. Then our bank talks to your bank. They each work at their own pace. It’s often faster but we can’t control that part.

The timing of the refund isn’t the main frustration. The worst part of this experiece is that Woot accepted & confirmed my order & took my payment and then after a week you cancelled it. If you confirm & take payment then you should fulfill the order.

We definitely try to but sometimes things are beyond our control. We store inventory in remote warehouses. In this case, in Amazon warehouses. When they go to pull the inventory, they may find that some inventory is unsellable - damaged product, boxes, etc.

So, as you point out, Woot is affiliated with Amazon.
If you were a retailer with any credibility then you would source more stock to fulfill orders you have committed to.
Given your affiliation with Amazon, finding 2 Echos should be very easy.

Welllllllllll, it’s not that easy. We’re an independent subsidiary so we can’t just ask them for product. When we sell Amazon product, we’re buying the product from them just like we do any other wholesale vendor.

I appreciate your feedback. I’m talking with CS to see if there’s a solution for this.

While your experience is less than optimal, there are those of us that have been shopping on woot for years, and continue to do so. Beyond the products, it’s a fun community with really great staff (case in point, look at all this personal attention you’re getting!).

Seriously though, don’t run. Let them make it right for you and give 'em another shot. :slight_smile:


It is easy, I could get online now & buy dozens of these direct from Amazon.
I’m sure a company like Woot has many wholesale channels where Echos can be bought immediately.
In one of your responses above, you say ‘We definitely try to…’. Please, tell me what Woot did to actually try to fulfill my order because I suspect you simply oversold your stock then hit the cancel button & passed the problem to your customers.

I appreciate your input but they don’t seem to be making any effort to make this right. They just cancelled my order & left me to deal with their mess.

That’s not entirely true, now that Thunderthighs in on the case. Mess ups are frustrating, I get it. I only was
offering another perspective beyond a single experience. I hope it works out to your satisfaction.


So, did CS have a solution or is Woot going to leave me to clear up after their mistake?

Woot responded & I recieved my order today. Thank you to all involved for resoving this so quickly.


Glad it worked out for you.

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TT to the rescue! That’s customer service!


We really do try hard for our customers. In a complex business, it is really easy for things to go wrong - and we are pretty much independent. I know TT and our CS do work REALLY hard to make sure customers end up happy where possible when things go wrong.


CS to the rescue. When they first checked, we were out of stock but a few days later, some were received.

We were able to offer replacements to the few that we had previously canceled. :slight_smile:


Yay! I hope you stick around and give Woot more opportunities to disappoint you in ways unimaginable in the coming years!


This is a misunderstanding of his complaint. He ordered something, then bought the everything and the business did not honor fulfillment that are expected as business practices. This happended to me today with no reasoning and I have one kid with a Fire and another that’s been waiting weeks, my money held for weeks. I expected a substitute or upgrade and not to be left buying full price. What happened?

Then don’t take the money until you fulfill. Once you take the money, it’s legally binding to fulfill.

Hi there. I’m really sorry. We get these items from Amazon. Sometimes when they go to pull inventory, the item just isn’t there or it was deemed unsellable (e.g. damaged).

We go through orders periodically looking for the ones that didn’t ship out so we can refund.

Apologies for the poor experience.