Take That, Asimov!

Love the style; worried that the attitude might spread…

The boots and the depiction of Law 3 being broken (or more exact, the very provocative way in which the robot is standing against the wall) has allowed me to deduce: This is a female robot!

This shirt is subliminally empowering women’s rights (be they human or robotic). I can dig it!

I need a new shirt. I will wear this when I am picking street fights in my leather jacket. It may also come in handy for wooing those Asimov groupies.

Now, if only we had a Foundation shirt…

P.S. Woot, if you have a sansa charging cable on the floor near my shirt order, please toss it in the package! I have two awesome Sansas that I have yet to use… they are orphaned with no charge/transfer cable :_(

I like it. In for one.

I like how the robot seems to be rockin’ old school tmnt kneepads…

Cool video, wish I could have been there!

makes me wanna break out my scifi novel collection

Umm… well, I suppose it is because Isaac Asimov is the one who wrote and made famous the “Three Laws of Robotics” referenced on the shirt (and in several other posts).

Shouldn’t the third picture be of the robot with a gun to it’s head, or jumping off a cliff or something?

Edit: I suppose the robot is smoking in the second picture; fair enough.

Easily the best joke on the page was “Don’t wear this shirt: In front of your Roomba. You don’t want that guy getting ideas.”

I still have a picture of an iRobot Roomba box that I sent to a friend along with the caption “The sequel?”

Roombas are soooo cute :smiley:

That robot has some serious bug-eye going on. I like it.

If the third law is to protect itself, and the robot is contradicting the laws of robotics, wouldn’t it make more sense if the robot was hanging itself or something?

This shirt is incomplete, and forgets the 0th law of robotics.

0th law:
“A robot may not injure humanity, or, through inaction, allow humanity to come to harm”

Wow loving these funny posts!!! how about them Tighty whiteys?

I’m pretty sure there were at least two other analog derbies.

shirt.woot 1st birthday party and shirt.woot 2nd birthday party

Having met and talked to Asimov a long time ago, I am sure he’d approve. He always had a bent sense of humor.

The third law is to protect oneself, UNLESS that contradicts one of the first two laws.

He’s obviously running from the cops and thus, Humans are telling him to stop/surrender.

He’s protecting himself, IN SPITE of the fact that he’s 1) Hurting humans (smoking gun) and 2) Disobeying orders from humans (fleeing from the cops)

It’s a very acceptible breaking of law three in two different ways at once. I would’ve been very disappointed if he just hung himself… also, if he did, you couldn’t tell if a human told him to, just from the panel. This one is obvious that he’s breaking it, without MUCH of a leap.

I really, really, really like the concept of this shirt. I would definitely like to own a shirt like this one - Asimov is literally my favorite author and there is very little that interests me more than robots. That said, the execution on this shirt just ruins it for me. It’s just too chaotic, and the actual message and concept just gets lost in the tornado of metal on the shirt. I like the style of the art and the robot himself looks totally wicked, but there’s just too much going on to hold my attention. Plus, for the third law, he’s hiding around a corner? Isn’t laying low somehow protecting his own existence? Shouldn’t he be charging at the cops, guns blazing? Or jumping off a rooftop to his death?

Maybe I’m nitpicking because I like Asimov too much. I want to push the button on this shirt because I want to own one like it… But I can’t.

EDIT: Also, because after reading through this thread it seems like not as many people read Asimov as they should - If you think you like Asimov but have not yet read “The Last Question”, I cannot more strongly recommend it. It is literally the best short story I have ever read in my life. It’s a 15 minute read and is available in full on the internet. Please search for it and read it. You will not be sorry!

er…uh…i don’t get it

You totally should have gone with, “DOES NOT COMPUTE.”