Take this poll about my band

We’re renaming our band, what should it be:

  • Ladies Knight
  • Purple Splooge
  • Brain Fart
  • Don’t change it. Keep Donut Munch

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Common everyone Purple sploogie donut munch is so 90’s.

Why must the splooges always be purple?

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What kind of band? What type of music?

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That definitely matters to pick a name…I like Donut Munch but I’d choose “Ladies Knight” 2nd.

You don’t have the choice of Brian Fart :wink:


Ok, since no response from @davejlives, I’m guess it’s the Woot Group Band…
My answer is… The Loco Monkey Noggins’

How’s about pointless ploop! Now that’s so 2020!

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Why not “aneurysm” or “blood clot”? I guess understanding the genre of music would help to provide context too.

That’s actually quite funny. I did at first read it that way originally as well.

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Does this mean that Sprinkles is still the lead singer?

Good, change has proven to be risky.

Dang! I voted for Purple Splooge.:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Just like political voting…

Buddies Of Corona ?


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