Take time to appreciate - M&M Pony Pal Tire Swing, Tan - MM00107T


This didn’t have an option to discuss, but bruh…
… this swing is hilarious. Sure it’s 175lb max… and sure it’s 63.99… but how much buzz can one generate with their neighbors!

Also, please attach to a properly load bearing beam and not your popcorn ceiling or too near any ceiling mirrors.

Also, tip of the hat to the writer for working in ‘hedgehog’.

Those are actually fairly common here in Texas. ¯\_ (ツ)_/¯

There’s feed store in Grapevine that has a whole herd of ‘em hangin’ up ready for purchase.


That would be a sight to see. Up here in Nebraska tires tend to be mosquito breeder pits.

This place. I’ve been wanting to go by and get some fun stuff for the back yard landscaping.

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I’ve seen them hanging from trees up here also.
Giddy up!