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Are the plates microwave safe?

I was really interested in the Cool Gear ECO 2 GO Chiller cups until I saw the disclaimer:

Be aware that colors of these 20 ounce coolers will be selected at random by us. You’ll get what you get. Got it? Good.”

Considering the warehouse’s track record on “random” shirts (wherein the selection turns out to be all one design or color), I’m betting I’d get all pink and/or orange. No thanks!

One of the reason’s for buying them is so that people can keep track of which drink is theirs. And while I can tolerate a pink or orange mixed in, I’m sure not going to risk my whole order needing to go direct to Goodwill.

My post from the last time these were sold:

RE:Cool Gear ECO 2 GO Chiller cups:

I ordered these last time around, and I am not unhappy with them. If I remember to put them in the freezer they will chill a drink in a few minutes. Especially if you also add ice. I lost one of the gaskets that make a seal between the lid and cup, but it still works fine without.

As for the color assortment, I did not receive a green one. I got ONE blue, and the rest were all pink or orange. Which is fine.

Walmart has a newer version for about 3.99, only holds 16oz. These hold 20oz, so They’re a good deal. Even if you do have to buy 6.

Melamine should not be put into the microwave. Per the features “This product is not recommended for microwave use”

I bought the cups last time, and they are very sturdy (pro), but the gasket falls out easy (con) and the gel inside that is supposed to keep the drinks cold doesn’t stay cold long at all. Personally, if you are considering these, I would spend a few extra bucks and buy something a little better. If you’re a cheap bastard like me, you get what you pay for. NOT dishwasher safe, by the way, so if you’re lazy, you might want to pass.