Takeya On Me - Beverage Makers and Pitchers

Why ruin a well made product by shipping some of the production to China?


Really? A pitcher just to make lemonade? These products all look like solutions searching for a problem.

Lemonaide pitcher is $22.15 on Amazon. If you have prime, it ends up cheaper.

I could really use some of these items. Specifically a good beverage pitcher, and I like the glass water bottle idea.

Anyone know about the quality on these items? Can anyone recommend anything better for my needs? I see already some people are finding it to not be a good deal. What about if I order multiple things off woot today (eyeing some glasses too which I could use)?

As someone who’s tired of using his old dollar store pitchers, I happen to like the lemonade one and maybe the iced tea one. Although the one with a jacket looks like it’s meant for hot tea I’m pondering using it to keep iced tea cold outside.

However, anyone else notice the handle on the black pitcher? Is it slipping off? IT makes me fear the quality of these if they couldn’t hold together for a photo op.

I hate you guys for this earworm. It will be the only thing bouncing around in my skull for the next few hours. Thanks a lot.

I picked up a two pack of these at Costco over a year ago and they are still serving us strong. I liked how they reminded me of my quality Nalgene bottles. We can pour whatever mix we desire in it, screw the top on and shake it up without any worry of a mess. The rubber handles haven’t come off for us. When they are not in use we hang them proudly from our pot and pan rack in the kitchen. Our old juice container is banished to the back of our junk cabinet.

Hopefully not the older style BPA-laden Nalgenes!

I drink ice tea every day… can someone tell me how these handle ice tea over time? Traditional plastic pitchers get a build up that you have to seriously scrub to remove. Do they get this as well?

yes, top quality. the hot tea brewers are great for the office.

You’re welcome. Tee hee.

Correct me if I’m wrong but it seems to me that the Ice Tea Maker, Cocktail Mixer, and Drink Pitcher are all basically the same thing, but in different sizes and colors.

The Fruit Infuser and Lemonade Maker are also basically the same but come with added accessories. I’m not sure what makes the lemonade one “flash chill” when it seems like the same product as the others…

I saw that too, but I noticed they are the same but with an extra, like the juicer top. The Cocktail one says it’ll strain out the ice when you dump a drink in (I guess from a shaker) and the tea/fruit infusers have those mesh inserts. I think they are all “flash chill” but Woot just ran out of description space.

For the Cocktail Mixer, it says “Strainer lid strains ice when pouring” but it has the same lid as the other pitchers so I think it just keeps ice from coming out when pouring (just like the other pitchers).

Seems like it’s all just different ways to market the same stuff. The 66 oz drink pitcher here is marketed as a fruit infusion pitcher (without the center insert) on Amazon:


and Walmart:


You can find the 66 oz ones for about $3 more on Amazon, so not really a deal here if you have prime or will be getting super saver shipping.

I debated it, but I really like the feel of a glass pitcher so I think I’ll just shop around for one of those instead.

I love all of these! Summer is coming!

The glass bottles are great, I got mine at a bookstore last year, and I’ve been using it ever since. To a certain degree, it just looks so dang good that I’m finding myself drinking more water. Also, the glass makes for easy cleaning. One thing though, it IS more narrow than an ordinary bottle, so it doesn’t fit well in a car’s cup holder. The lid on this is also amazing, instead of having to tighten your grip around it, you really just need to slip a finger into the loop to easily turn the lid off when you want to drink.

I have 2 of the 66 oz pitchers and use them for iced tea and drink mixes. The screw-on lids are spill proof, and because the diameter is small they fit very well in my fridge’s door. Mix the drinks by shaking the pitcher, and there’s no staining from the tea or red drinks!

Anyone watch The Fruit Infuser video. There’s a clear edit in the clip where they put the insert in and you can tell they over filled the bottle and had to either clean up the spill or go pour some water out.

also bought 2 of the 66oz from Costco a while back. in almost constant use for ice tea & coffee. no problems with stains/odors.

the handle has a removable “soft grip” sleeve that fits over the hard plastic handle.

i’ve got lots of pitchers, the reason i bough these, like others have commented… they easily fit in the fridge door. plus if i run out of room there, can & have stored them them on their sides without issue.