Taking The Bus

They say public transportation is better for the environment, but I’m not sure I want to be in any environment where that thing lives.

HA!!! A big laugh for a big guy. This is the sort of color mix that really works on silver.

He’s got a ticket to ride, he’s got a ticket to ride, but he don’t care…

Throw on a few horns and I can see this guy being in “Where the Wild Things Are”.

Had to take the classic Routemaster, even, didn’t ya?! GAH!!!

That suit looks itchy!

In a weird way…I love this shirt.
Maybe it’s the slight nostalgia derived from the “Where the Wild Things Are” resemblance.

The dots on the skin remind me of Shel Silverstein’s style.

Is it just me, or does that thing remind anyone else of Woody Allen?

That’s a really cool shirt idea… but the fact that it’s a double-decker bus – uncommon in the United States – makes me hesitate to buy it.

Reminds me of one of those NYC Hop On, Hop Off tours. I can just hear the bus driver saying “And if you look to your left, you will see the hairy armpit of the Mega Hipster of Brooklyn”

oooooooooooh…I get it!

Where I come from, you need to be wearing pants to catch the bus

Finally, woot admits it.

Very similar to this one: http://www.theshirtlist.com/i-hate-taking-the-bus-to-work-t-shirt/

Wow, this design has some hair.

hey … thank you all for the nice comments … i really hope you enjoy my design…

Silverstein? I think it’s more like Maurice Sendak. Both great, though.

“I’m not Victor - Victor was my Nerd Name. Now I’m Vector! Oh yeeeeeah!!”

I like it. This design is lots of fun.