talk like a pirate day


Talk Like a Pirate Day

My brother and his wife are having a party tonight…

Free dozen donuts if you go to KK in costume today.

I think that’s " AAARRRGGGHHH!"



Well shiver me timbers, me hears that if ye show up in yer pirate finest at ye Long John Silvers ye get a 2 pc fish or chicken basket. Yo ho ho an a bottle of rum, go get yer free stuff me mateys!

OH Magilla Gorilla, I just love their fish! Deep fried lumps of batter and grease and happiness! I only get to eat it on special occasions now…do you think today would be special?

Always ask for extra crunchies. If you’re going to sin, do it big time.

More Pirate Party pix…

and for some of us, the local legend and place to be today of all days has closed and is no more.


I need some suggestions. I think I told you before that as a granddaughter turns 21 we buy her a diamond necklace. (I’m only talking in the hundreds here and I again thank whoever told me to check pawn shops). Taking granddaughter #2 to dinner tonight to give her her necklace.

My problem is, grandson #1 turns 21 next spring. What would be an equivalent gift, preferably something that would be kept for a lifetime? That’s my main question. After that I have to decide if he’s clean at that time (I doubt it, even though he’s been through rehab, I don’t think he has the self-control to stay off the stuff).

Is there a man’s ring from a male patriarch in your home? It does not need to be loaded with precious metals or gems, but one with a definite family origin.

My son’s were each given a ring for a special life event. The eldest has a grandfather’s Masonic ring and the youngest a small, simple pinky ring that belonged to his great grandfather.

They wear them daily and express a feeling of connection from generation to generation…and these aren’t touchy-feely new age kinda guys.

And oh yeah - to keep on topic…aaaarrrrgh!

Good idea, but the only thing we have that would fit that would be his great-grandfather’s pocket watch. But I’m saving that. I have four diamond rings from various family members that the granddaughters will get. So the pocket watch at that point.