Talk Like a Pirate Day

I came here looking for a pirate sale just because, and you delivered. Thank you.

Would you expect any less?

I want say no to scurvy in an apron, that would be nifty.

What? No [Pirate (space)ship](

Sorry for the self promotion :wink:

love these I have I think 3 of these designs. wish for more zip hoodies… I was reluctant at first but when I received my hoodie, eve though the hoodie was 50 50 did not feel cheep at all. thanks woot…luv u guys

If all these items are Printed to Order anyway, what would it take to order a design on a different style? Have some of the designs already but I’d want to order more in a different style, but there’s no way to do it.

In saying “Printed to Order”, it means that Woot doesn’t have them on the shelf ready to ship out like if one were to buy a shirt off the reckoning. In no way should that imply they’ll be setup to custom configure each order … because they’re not setup to do that.

@omarfeliciano: Self promotion is absolutely accepted here. :slight_smile:

I wish we could get “Ill-Gotten Trinkets” as a print. I’ve wanted that for ages. Or a bag, that’d be good too.

What about “Swashbuckler Island”? She’s your best looking pirate!

Bit surprised the Captain Polly Hates Crackers shirt didn’t make it in…

What about the Pirate Costume tee?

The only shirt I don’t have that I want is Music Pirate. But I ordered that one back in 2009 when it first came up. Looking back at it, it was one of two orders placed within a week of each other that never arrived (only one ever got refunded, though). Not sure I want to pay $15 for a shirt I already tried paying $10 for. It was a nice design, but not nice enough to erase the bad memories.