Talking Travelocity Roaming 13-Inch Gnome

**Item: **Talking Travelocity Roaming 13-Inch Gnome
Price: $14.99
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Condition: New

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What does he say?? The stupid a flash site doesn’t play on an iPad! :frowning:

Shouldn’t they pay us for displaying an advertising gnome in our yard?

This may be the coolest item ever sold on Tools.woot

Need to get a gnomie for my gnomies.

Maybe good for the pink elephant holiday gift exchange at work…hmmmm.

I TOTALLY agree!! :slight_smile:

A couple of solid reviews (3.8 out of 5.0) over at amazon

It’s evil.

Answered my own question

Oh yeah, we get him AFTER you filled him up with cake and got that music stuck in his head.

In case anyone cares, Travelocity got the idea for the Roaming Gnome from the French movie “Amélie”

Curious, does this gnome come with leftover birthday cake? Was it licked by any staff?

What would Chomsky have to say about this artifice of language?

QVC link to video:

Very funny

Wow, cheaper than QVC!

Ha! I see sanderhart beat me to the same link. Great googly moogly!

I feel like he was licked at some point, by someone. Gatzby did happen to wipe his face off…

Use this to creepily watch your garden, or your neighbors.

Make sure to nudge it and turn it ever so slightly, every night.

Guaranteed to freak them out.

Is it water/weather proof? Like could I put it outside in the garden?