Talking Travelocity Roaming 13-Inch Gnome

Lot’s of comments from when this was sold in July

Let’s watch this little guy in action [youtube=wRDa61LamXI][/youtube]

How well does this work on the ground? I would LOVE to get one of these to annoy the neighbor next to me in my apartment building.

I would really love to have some of these, but so would every kid in the neighborhood. At $20 a pop with shipping, how would I keep my gnomes from “roaming away”?

One of my friends has a fear of gnomes, for some reason, so this really creeped her out and scared her when she was at my house. Worth every penny.

Now all I need is a Gravity Gun so I can carry it all over the countryside!

So want to buy one of these lol.

I need to order one more, then set them in place to talk with each other every time a guest walks into my lobby.

Being buzzed when the Travelocity Gnome shows up on Woot! is a guaranteed loss of $20 bucks. I am now anxiously awaiting my package to torment and amuse people. Drunk Woot!ing, people.

FYI, even though it says indoor/outdoor, the directions included in the package say not to put it in a place that it will get wet or even sprinkled on. So, unless you live in the desert, this is not an outdoor item at all. Otherwise, it’s super cute. Just be prepared to find a spot for him indoors.

He’s an indoor gnome only, and the cats despise him. Put him in a guest bathroom for some middle-of-the-night entertainment.

Might be worth it just to repaint him and turn him into the Travelocity Zombie Gnome. Done deal :wink:

A previous zombification (who goes out every Halloween):

My husband and I both got one for our office White Elephant parties for the upcoming holidays. We’re both pretty excited about it!

We bought one of these last time and spend weekends in an owner owned rv park. My little gnome has gone roaming and visited a bunch of neighbours. He is totally adorable and it was so much fun. We would leave his picture, with “gone roaming, see you soon” on the door when we moved him, until the little old lady across the way gnome napped the we guy, and took him inside. I guess his roaming days are over, as now someone knows where he came from due to the rescue mission

Works great. My daughter hides it all over her house to annoy her boyfriend.

I wouldn’t have a spot for this in my tiny apartment, so I thought about leaving it in my parents’ garden as a surprise. Guess that’s out. Would make for a funny surprise house guest but they’d want it inside less than I would probably.

So I don’t see any mention of a motion sensor, an important feature for a talking gnome, asking me. Anyone know if it has one?