Tall Vino2Go Wine Tumblers

Someone’s either in need of a good proofreader, or has a mistaken notion of where golf is played…

That’s the one where you have the long sticks to hit the puck and then run around the bases, right?

To score a touchdown. Correct.

I got a set of these at the dollar store and they are great. They might not be the tall ones like here, but they were a buck each, and they are perfect for around the pool. They even keep wine cooler longer(about 6 minutes), in the Las Vegas summer. I got 4 different colors so no one could drink my wine by mistake… evil friends of mine

Are those sippy-cup lids? Because if those are sippy-cup lids, I’m totally in.

I purchased these from wine.woot previously for around the same price and was very disappointed in the poor quality of the cups.

Yes, they’re ill-fitting sippy cup lids with sliding tabs that won’t stay closed.

That’s about what they’re worth.

Absolutely. I manage a retail establishment that happens to sell these and the quality is awful. Couldn’t believe the price point we were selling them at. I would not pay more than $3.00/ea for that, as I am sure they cost less than half of that to produce per unit. The sliding lid to “close” the unit is very messy and would not be waterproof. Whats the difference between this and a glass of wine if it would leak if inverted?