Tallulah Wines 2007 Del Rio Syrah and Shake Ridge GSM - 4 Pack



Tallulah Wines 2007 Del Rio Syrah and Shake Ridge GSM - 4 Pack
$54.99 + $5 shipping
2 2007 Shake Ridge Les Trois Voix GSM
2 2007 Tallulah Del Rio Oregon Syrah
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Meh, only 10-15 buck savings over average pricing on CT.


C’mon wine.woot - impress us!


nice call @mikegberg, quickly changed…Mike Drash, Tallulah Wines…


I’m not buying because I’m just flat out of cash, but I’ve never heard of a GSM blend (probably because I’ve never heard of the Mourvedre grape). Anyone have experience to share?

Mourvedre (Wikipedia)

GSM (Wikipedia)

Edit: As I read, I see this is a common blend in the Châteauneuf-du-Pape appellation.


i stand by this deal.


That’s a Super Burrito and 2 beers out here!


The 2007 vintage was ideal. Both Oregon and California nailed it. Ann Kraemer’s vineyard in Amador is superb. She is a legend in this part of the woods.


https://twitter.com/#!/texacaliali/status/155170391457931266/photo/1 if you have a Wine Spectator handy for a little research.

Hands down, wines are even more gorgeous than their label and tremendous QPR.


We love GSM’s - one of our favorite is Gibson’s Barrosa Valle Wilfreda blend. I believe GSM is considered a Bourdeaux Blend.




CdP. I edited one of my earlier links to mention it.


Winery Prices are $30 per for the GSM and $26 per for the Syrah.

That makes this nearly 50% off.

CT however shows averages prices of $18.25 for the Syrah (most listed as being from the winery) and $17 for the GSM (most listed as being from lot18). It’s still a good 10-15% off of CT prices.


the GSM blend is traditionally found in the wines of the Southern Rhone. Over the years, these varietals have taken a huge amount of real-estate from my Cabernet section among my personal stash of wines.

EDIT: oh we are all about to be schooled by the winemaker - looking forward to hearing from Mike!


What misspellings?

(Reported and already fixed. We’re that fast…sometimes.)


Shipped from the winery this is going to run you at least $140 with tax and shipping.

Looks like a smoking deal to me. More like 60% off the full set shipped.


What post?




I am pretty tempted by this but the SIWBM must stand until I have drank through a little more of what I have on hand.