TAMO Bluetooth In-Ear Sports Headphones

Can’t find any info about these, and the photos don’t help—are the controls on the earpiece or in-line on the cord?

I have the same issue! I tried to look online for more information about them and there is nothing! Nothing on their website either… Kinda weird.

I don’t know how long they have to charge for and I don’t know how long they last on a charge. Do you?

But I believe the controls are what’s on the line. There is the plus and minus for the volume and it looks like a phone icon to answer phone calls.

Hi there. Sorry for the late answer.

There is only one control on these in ear Bluetooth headphone which is the on/off switch that is on the inside of the left ear piece.
Everything else would be controlled on the device being used via the bluetooth.

Do you know how long these need to be charged and how long they last on one charge?

Also, once I unplug it from charging, is it off? Or do I need to turn it off?

After receiving I was able to use for about 5 hrs of continuous listening then power run out. I connected to a portable charger but it won’t charge. I bought two of these but I am looking ways to return. Total junk.

You might try charging from another source. Also, let it charge for a couple hours before use.

If all else fails, please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.