TAMO EDGE iPhone 7 MFI Battery Case

TAMO EDGE iPhone 7 MFI Battery Case

The gold one quit working after 2-3 weeks.

Sorry for the problem. Did you contact the manufacturer? They have a 90-day warranty.

so it effectively converts your iphone into a micro usb chargable? hmm

For anyone who hasn’t used a battery case before… I’ve used this type of case (not this brand) in the past. Generally, there are several issues that make them less than perfect, but they are acceptable if you can live with the tradeoffs. The plus is a big one, no more worries about having your phone die mid-day. The issues I’ve had are these:

  1. Sometimes the case is designed in a less-than-optimal way (I can’t speak to this brand). For instance, if the phone is placed into the case, then a separate piece of plastic holds it in, these tend to fly apart if you drop them, and your phone can be damaged. Again, I’m not saying this brand has this problem, but I’ve experienced it.
  2. The batteries are heavy and bulky. I don’t mind this, but for my wife it was a deal-breaker.
  3. The lightning port will not be accessible. This means you can’t use all those lightning charging cables you bought unless you take the phone out of the case. Because of this you can’t use earphones with a lightning connector; and since there’s no headphone port, you have to use bluetooth 'phones. I found this to be the biggest issue for me.
  4. Usually you have to push a button to tell the battery to recharge your phone. The case might get warm/hot during this process. I found this to be a minor annoyance.

I love battery cases, but because of the issues, the most recent one I purchased was an Apple smart charging battery case. It passes through the lightning port (doesn’t require micro USB). It charges automatically (more or less constantly), and theoretically conditions the iphone battery. It’s a very secure case and my phone has taken no damage after several big drops.

The downside of the Apple case is cost and capacity. It’s a smaller battery and it’s much much more expensive. For me, I decided it was worth it. But cases similar to this one on Woot are fine as long as they are manufactured well; just be aware of the tradeoffs.

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Got the three I ordered. Apparently they oversold the iPhone 6 black ones so I now have a pretty pink one and a pretty light blue one. The black iPhone 6 Plus one arrived in the correct color though. They sent me some little metal credit card-sized multi-tool gadget as an apology.

They appear to have a lightning cable passthrough as well as a large slot to allow the earphone jack to be reached.

HI there @disgruntledlurker. The vendor should not have substituted the product on your order. Please use the Woot Customer Service form for assistance.

I was wrong about the lightning cable passthrough! It is indeed micro USB. Boo.

Thanks. Will do.

Customer service did a great job of addressing the issue quickly and appropriately. Thanks for the recommendation @ThunderThighs!