TAMO EDGE iPhone 7 Plus MFI Battery Case

Checked for the same thing over Amazon and it cost $139 each .
I don’t see that Woot could have that much of a discount , almost unbelievable deal.
Anyone with experiences over these battery cases care to share ?

No experience with this product, but when you build a Li-Ion battery based product to fit a particular model of phone, you have to sell them quickly.

Rechargeable batteries like to be used, and not drained completely. If like me, you remember Ni-Cads, which had memory effect you run them to nothing to before you recharge. Those days are over. Drained batteries leak. Frequent use, frequent charge is the way to go.

I have an Android, and the Apple people in my life are fussy, as Apple folks always are, but if I had an IPhone 6/7 or the + variant, I would buy one, or two, and extend the life of my product. Assuming you aren’t contractually obligated to rent your phone, and stand in line to buy the better one every other year.
The mothership isn’t selling any at those prices, this is market rate for an accessory to an older model.