TAMO Edge Lightning Cables - 3 Pk

Are these USB?

Yes, USB to Lightning.

I only got one cable, anyone else have this happen?

OMG,look at the Amazon reviews. 41% one star. Crap junk that they are trying to unload. Neither Woot nor Amazon does itself any favor by screwing customers selling junk.

Yikes! If you haven’t already, please use the Customer Service form and they’ll be happy to help.

only got one cable also.???

Just opened the package and yep one cable. :confused:

Customer service contacted.

I ordered mine through Amazon on woot so I’m thinking there might be the problem. Anyone else do the same?

I only got one cable… plus something is wrong with the customer support tool… generates an error. Found a generic feedback link to customer service and used it instead.

I’ve Wooted for years with no issues (well except for the horrible electronics mystery box in 2015 that caused me to stay away for a year). Only received one cable too, the second straight order that wasn’t as advertised. I did submit cs e-mail. Doesn’t seem like a good trend.
Update: I got the cs form response and they refunded the purchase price because they don’t have replacements in stock. Interestingly they are still selling them though. Guess I can’t complain about a free cable.

I was notified I was being issued a full refund within two hours of contacting cs and got to keep the single cable that actually works by the way. Good enough woot!

Really Woot?

How are you not trashing your reputation simply to dump crappy cables that should be either returned to the manufacturer or thrown in the dumpster?

49% 1 or 2-star reviews. Not sure I’ve ever seen a product so thoroughly down-rated.


I only got one cable, too. Just emailed Customer Support.

Edit: I got a partial refund of $10 (I had ordered the 10’ cables), which is about right; each cable would be $4 and the tax would be about $0.50 each, so I got back a little more than two-thirds of my cost minus shipping back.

Edit2: Looks like instead of a partial refund, they are now sending out the other two cables that were supposed to be part of the order.

I ordered all three sizes and only got one of each. I thought I would get three 3 packs.

[QUOTE=crpete, post:4, topic:724109]
I only got one cable, anyone else have this happen

Yes, I ordered a qty of 2 expecting 6 cables. I only received 2.

I ordered 2 line items which should have been 6 cables. Only received 2 cables. Sent a email to customer service and waiting on their response.

With these reviews, I think I’ll continue getting my cables at Five Below.

Yes hi,
I recently ordered ONE 3-Pack of your cables. I only received 1 cable. From what I can see from the conversation board I’m not the only person this was done to. Now if the ONE CABLE were reasonably priced ($6-8) then that would be understandable…considering that you advertised yourselves as selling ONE 3-Pack for $8.99-11.99.

So naturally you can imagine my utter surprise and deep disappointment when I open a package with only 1 cable and a bill saying I payed $18.50.

Now I’m a reasonable person. I would’ve had no problems paying the $18.50…clearly…but to send me ONE CABLE AND THINK THAT’s ok to then charge 18.50 to go. Please fix this situation.

Much appreciated,

J. Munns