TAMO Forever Battery Case - iPhone 6/6s

So is this for the “6/6s” or the “6/6s Plus”. Item description and the in the box description conflict…or I’m just bad at reading.

Good catch, it’s the 6/6s, not the Plus. In the box is updated.

How does it charge? Does it use Lightning or is it USB?

Over $40 at the mothership…

does it charge with usb or a lightning cord???

I located this case at Amazon and the description says that is has a Micro-USB input for charging.

They would have to pay a “royalty” to Apple to use the Lightning style plug. That’s why there is no headphones jack on the new iPhones. Apple makes no money off them. But now, everyone that makes an aftermarket wired headphone must pay Royalties.

OK, you did make me laugh, so thanks. Apple likes ignorant consumers, but their bluetooth 4.1 is the same standard everyone else uses, and any bluetooth product is Apple-compatible.

Yes,yes they do. Gotta love that Apple business model. I want too much control to go Apple.

“All your lightning cables are belong to us.” -Apple

THIS is a quality post. The Texas poster who thinks apple owns bluetooth has 3, and the moment I seize power, I will immediately redistribute quality posts from TX to begbie.

My reign of terror shall be tough, but fair.