Tanaka 50.1CC 20-Inch Rear Handle Chain Saw

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Tanaka 50.1CC 20-Inch Rear Handle Chain Saw
Price: $269.99
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Amazon Reviews

What is a “rear handle Chainsaw”? Every one I’ve ever used, owned or seen has a rear handle. I don’t get it.

Bought one of these about a year and a half ago. I was extremely impressed with my first cut.It started easy went through wood like a hot knife through butter. But once I turned it off I could no longer start it no matter how long I tried. I’d pull that starter rope to the point of exhaustion. The only way it would start is when it was completely cooled. I’ve used it about 10 times now and the problem persists.

They are far more comfortable (and safer) than holding it by the blade.

I do not own this chainsaw, but I have been looking slightly into picking one up, but I have heard this complaint before and I am curious if you have tried using the decompression valve? I have no idea how this works on this chainsaw, but I guess this can effect warm starts?

I would very much like a chainsaw.

But then I think of how much I like my arms, legs and fingers.

I bought this saw here early last year and its been nothing short of great. I have a Stihl MS180 and prefer using this around the house. Good power, reliable, and a 7 year warranty.

Interestingly, there’s such a thing as a top-handle chainsaw, and Tanaka is known for those type of saws, probably why they make a distinction.

I have the same saw, but green and branded as Hitachi. As far as I can tell it is the same except for a few of the plastic cover parts. I use this saw frequently, along with a smaller 32cc 14" Hitachi, which is lighter and better for smaller limbs. I have very few complaints about either of them. The big 50cc saw is easy to start for such a big motor, the decompression button really helps. I run 32:1 gas mix and that works fine, that way I can use the same mix in all my 2 stroke tools. The air filter, oil and gas caps, blade tensioning, everything are well thought out and engineered well. I have a bunch of other saws that I have put away for the most part. I bought the tanaka/hitachi saws to have as extras in case my main saws had problems, but soon they became my main saws. I only had problems starting the big saw once, and that was just solved by getting and mixing a new can of gas. I’ve owned Stihl, Poulan Pro, Husquarna, and Homelite saws before, and I like this better, much less time futzing around adjusting things and trying to troubleshoot problems. As long as the filter is clean and the right gas is in there and the chain is sharp and tensioned, this saw starts and runs very well.

I have the same saw branded as Hitachi. It always starts fine. The one time it didn’t, it was a problem with the gas. If the filter is clean, it starts easily, usually on the second pull. The decompression valve is well designed and makes this the easiest big saw to start that I’ve ever used. I can’t speak to the problem the other guy had, but if you use the right gas mix and don’t have the filter plugged with dust, I find it starts reliably and easily.

Yep. Actually most manufacturers make both kinds, so you’ll typically see rear-handle specified, leading to snarky comments about holding the wrong end from people who don’t know about top-handle saws. A top-handle saw is what you want if you’ve climbed into a tree to limb it before felling it.

That said, I have this particular saw, and it’s a great buy. Plenty of power, nice balance, very little vibration transmitted to the hands. Starts reliably every time whether cold or warm.

Great saw…bought this last year…plenty of power…I always use the small pre-mix can gas. I have never had a problem with it starting…I also bought the top handle 14" saw…another great Tanaka saw. Oh I also have the ice auger…one of the best rated drills around for ice fishing…great warranty on all of these…do your research and save a ton of money…BUY TANAKA!!

Yes! In for 3. Now I can start my new career as a juggler!

Around the house? Take this vanity, CUT IN HALF! Sleigh bed out of stlye, CUT IN HALF!

A year later… and no price drop? Really?