Tangent Wines Mixed White (6)

Tangent Wines Edna Valley Mixed White 6-Pack
$64.99 $126.00 48% off List Price
2012 Tangent Grenache Blanc, Paragon Vineyard, Edna Valley
2013 Tangent Viognier, Paragon Vineyard, Edna Valley

I hadn’t seen tangent wines around for awhile on local store shelves but in the last week I’ve seen the Albarino and Sauvignon blanc at Costco and trader joes at around this same price point. FWIW I thought the Albarino was really good at this price point.

Is this George Hamilton’s label?


I was overjoyed late last week when I received the golden ticket (via e-mail of course, this is the 21st century) to be a Grape Debater for an upcoming Wine Woot offering. My wife and I, being fans of big red wines, had visions of a nice Cabernet Sauvignon which we could pair with a succulent filet mignon or a juicy Zinfandel to go along with some barbeque. So we were initially a little disappointed when the package arrived and we unveiled a……Grenache Blanc (!). Not having a lot of experience with the wine (beyond knowing we had tried it in blends), we didn’t really know what to expect. But exploring and learning about less familiar varietals is one of the things that makes wine so much fun. So, we did a little bit of research and decided that we most definitely needed to pair this with a good meal. Along the lines of a Riesling or Gewürztraminer, this Grenache Blanc sounded like it would go great with some spicy food. So we decided on some Thai & Laotian takeout from a place down the street (a nice benefit of living in San Francisco, almost every cuisine is just a short walk away). It turns out that pan fried “drunken” noodles with chicken and pork cooked with prig khing chili paste over brown rice goes quite well with this wine.

Before scorching our palates, we first tried the wine on its own. Very fragrant, fruity, and quite pleasant on the nose. First sip definitely reminded me of a (dry) Riesling but with a little more fruit on the back end. Refreshing, but not something I would want more of a glass of by itself. But as a complement to spicy Asian food this wine really stood out. It provided great balance against the heat and each sip (or gulp, after eating a chili pepper) was very refreshing. Not a ton of complexity to it, but nor would I expect there to be in this varietal or at this price point. Before we knew it, the bottle was empty!

I would say overall we are quite satisfied our introduction to Grenache Blanc and to Tangent wines. I can imagine it also going great with Indian, Chinese, or maybe even Cajun food. I am sure many would also enjoy it by itself as a nice summer (or fall, or spring) sipper. Have not tried the Viogner that accompanies it in this offering but imagine it has similar (positive) traits. A solid thumbs up at this price.

Is it possible to order this and pick it up at the winery / tasting room?

Not generally. You’d need to make special arrangements with w.w and/or the winery.

so glad to have Tangent wines on wine.woot. We’ve been trying for a long time.

Quality stuff here and at a very very good price.

I really hope this offer does well as it may be the first of many from the fantastic source.

Welcome Tangent!

Not shipping to Wyoming? That’s a rarity in itself. Certainly that is not a problem with our “stick in the mud” legislators. Sometimes it seems like regulations are verboten in the state.

Double checked and it’s not on the list. Must be a licensing thing.

We’re so glad you liked it! Thanks for trying our wines. If you liked the Albarino, you will definitely enjoy the Grenache Blanc! And the Viognier is delicious as goes so well with so many cuisines.

No, Tangent is brought to you by the Niven Family, pioneering family of the Edna Valley in San Luis Obispo, CA. Hope you enjoy!

We’re so glad you were pleasantly surprised! Great idea to pair the Grenache Blanc with Asian cuisine, that’s our favorite too!

Thank you so much, we’re excited to be here as well!

I only asked because he’s the tannest gent I know of.

Thanks for jumping on board. Really like the label.

I am curious if the PH for the GB is correct at 3.01…sounds awfully low from what I typically see for crisp, zippy whites! Gracias.

Been awhile since I’ve had some wines from Tangent so obviously haven’t had these current offerings but always thought they were well done and a good value.

Well I get a email with a special code from winewoot telling we that they love shipping wine to my state and to give them another try. So I log in to order the tangent wines mixed white and guess what? You don’t ship to Georgia! Now isn’t that stupid to send me an invite saying you love shipping to my state when you cant ship to my state? Someone is really not thinking at woot!

Georgia is a tricky one and can often be a hit and miss. some of the woot pluses have GA and wines this week will have GA.

i guess patience is a virtue… sorry for any confusion.

Awesome! We’re glad you enjoy the wines, and hope you’ll like our current offerings!