Tanks of the Top 20

Holy crap! I take back everything I have ever said bad, about you, Shirt.Woot.




We all have these moments* ; )

*length of moment determined by complicated , proprietary formula

It’s not going to be very long, considering I already have two, on tanks and there are only three others I am considering.

But hey, that’s more than I have seen at one time, in ages; t-shirts, tanks, hoodies, or otherwise.

Question - are there only unisex tanks now? I know there used to be female ones, is that no longer available? Or is it just for this particular sale that they are all unisex?

Wondering if anyone can weigh in on the differences between the two types of tanks offered (other than one is 100% cotton and the other is a blend). Any difference in neckline, armhole sizing, length, etc.? I have one tank in my wardrobe and I never wear it, except to sleep in, because the armholes are way too big. Also, who makes these? Thanks in advance!!

Also, the length of the moment is inversely and exponentially proportional to shipping delays and QC.

They’re American Apparel. The cuts are the same, though the poly-cotton is a bit slimmer than the 100% cotton.

I think I count only 18 shirts >_<

This is probably because of all your complaints. Travis will be so happy he’s finally appeased you.

Re: Bigger Tanks (M1A1)

I really do wish you would make them in 2X and 3x sizes…

It’s not only the sexy people that like wearing tank tops.

The manufacturer doesn’t offer the blanks in larger sizes.

Why are there no longer tanks cut for people with boobs?

Why? Why only so few of this great Go sports! tank? :wink: I nedd a medium!

btw why don’t you offer tank tops always for all designs?

Please more good on everything in a sz MD! So upset I was dilly dallying on it…cause it really is good, dare I say great on everything.

Same here. I was dissapointed I couldn’t wear the tank I bought because the arm holes are so big you could see the entire side of my bra. Womens tanks would be nice.

I haven’t shared a selfie lately. so here ya go.

That’s a size small tank on a shortman.

“Let them breath”? Seriously?? Let me guess – that copyeditor position never did get filled.

And I have always said, “it doesn’t do any good to complain.” Maybe I should complain more often.


You’re welcome, everyone! :slight_smile:

It could never compare to the freakin Freakers. Well, I wouldn’t think it could be any worse.

Keep the complaining up, then! - because I know you’ve been complaining about something that I’ve been complaining about for quite some time already!

We’re getting closer to a year now for @spiritgreen receiving his gold C64 from derby #316