Tao 1.5” OLED Digital Keychain

Wooohooo Ninja Entry!!!

Only 2.5 hours battery life? Come on woot!

Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New Tao 1.5” OLED Digital Keychain, for $14.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Tao 1.5” OLED Digital Keychain

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Pretty cool, but not worth the money, my MP3 player can do that too.

Sears.com has the Coby Electronics 1.5 in. Digital Photo Key Chain in assorted colors for $15 with free shipping

Needlessly long Sears link

“The lower the resolution, the better my wife looks.”

why dont they just put an sd slot on this, or atlest a micro sd

"Sears.com has the Coby Electronics 1.5 in. Digital Photo Key Chain in assorted colors for $15 with free shipping "

Not exactly OLED though…that is the LCD keychain. Big difference in technology and price. Normally go for about $50

Well, as of 1:05 EST, only Floridian Wooters have Wooted:


When I got married, I put a dimmer switch in the bedroom. For the first year, it was full-on. by the 10th year it was barely on, and now it’s welded shut in the Off position!

Whoa! This screen is tiny.

You can buy this for $20 at Walgreens…

If it not only plugs in to my USB port, but is capable of being used as a secondary display, I’ll buy immediately.

…because everyone needs a 128x128 display for that extra 4 icons.

It’s actually quite a bit. One of my brothers or sisters got our mom one of the Tao LCD keychains, maybe two Christmases ago (I think). It’s only on when you want it to be on, so you show someone your pictures and shut it back off-- it might even have an auto-off function. You’re looking at maybe 5 minutes each time, and if we pretend you show off your pictures to one person per day, it’ll last almost a month on a single charge.

Their support, at the time anyway, was pretty good for an “unknown” company. My moms wouldn’t hold a charge, so they had her send it in and they shipped her a new one suprisingly quick.

Would make a good mother’s day gift, but with smartpost you might have to wait to give it to her for mother’s day '09.


That AC-to-USB adapter… would that be usable with another USB device, such as a MP3 player? That charger may make it worthwile, sine those are like… $20 by themselves.

Come on Woot! I’m no Mr. T… I don’t need all of that bling bling…

COBY!? There’s a name that inspires confidence. I hope their key chains last longer than their disposable DVD players.

Now, I gotta charge my key chain, too?!?!?! meh

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