TaoTronics Massage Gun

TaoTronics Massage Gun

TaoTronics was recently 86’d from the mother ship for fake reviews, etc. I wonder if we’ll see an uptick in their stuff on Woot.


I have bought a few items from this brand including this massage gun. I would say I have been satisfied with all of them. They have offered me discounts for good reviews so the above comment does not surprise me, but I think they make decent stuff. This massage gun is the second one I have bought. The first one was a cheaper model and is very under powered (different brand). The taotronics has plenty of power compared to the other one I have. It has a nice case to store it too. I would recommend it for people who want to give these type of machines a try at a decent price. I have never compared it against a much more expensive model, but this one is plenty powerful for my needs.

I am new to the massage gun craze, but figured for $29 I’d give it a shot. VERY few reviews online (which is strange). Not even fake ones?!

I wonder if this model here is twice as good for twice the price?

Watch out for these made in China massage guns. They are cheap price for one reason. I bought one from woot over 6 months ago with name of Fitpulse. Woot warranty was 90 days. The merchandise’s manual even stated they have 1 year warranty.

After 90 days, the machine went defective. I contacted woot, they told me warranty ran out already. Okay, I texted the fitpulse company with the text number they provided. They told me that since I did not buy it from Amazon, they don’t honor the 1 year warranty. Even though I told them Woot is part of Amazon, they told me no way, they only deal with Amazon. No one else. So they denied to warranty the defective product.

The machine posted now is a different name, but it is the same shape and design as Fitpulse that I bought. So buyer beware.

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I have a TaoTronics AUX bluetooth for my car that is quite good, but I also have a pair of AirPod-style earbuds that worked great for a few months, then started losing connectivity if they had anything but air between them and their paired device (put your phone in your pocket — connectivity is shot).