Tap as fast as you can to reveal the next deal

Just wanted to complain that this method of revealing the next deal in the iOS app during woot-off is pretty trash for some physical disabilities. If I don’t tap fast enough the mechanic fades back to where you started, essentially demanding a minimum tapping speed.

Yea, marketing perspective it’s pretty cool, keeps people engaged and all that, but would it really be less effective if there was a set number of taps to reach the reveal regardless of how slow I am?

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Thank you for the feedback. I’ll pass that on to our team.

Odd - I’m not SEEING that “tap fast” option this time around…

And if we’re reporting issues, the app is having anxiety about letting go of the PREVIOUS (but expired) offer - click the new one, it displays for a second, then goes back to the “sold out” item. Usually five or six times worth. Can’t figure out how to avoid that, and if I’m in a heated BoC battle, I’m going to be even more aggravated than usual…

(Weird - the “tap fast” option JUST NOW showed up. Listening to us, eh? Time to put the opaque tape over the camera again…)

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Try restarting your app to see if that fixes things.

Connect a Bluetooth mouse that has a turbo button to your device.

Tape a stylus to a vibrator! Rapid fire!!!