Tapas Plates, Set of 4



And this completes the set!


Could someone explain to my noob butt what these plates have to do with wine? :frowning: sorry


They fit in the palm of your hand!


They hold your snacks while you drink your sangria in your matching pitcher and cups so you can drink more sangria.


These match the colors of my mom’s kitchen to a T! Happy part of mom’s birthday present to her :>


So cute! Anybody know the country of origin?


China… but certainly no lead in this product!!!


Tapas Plates, Set of 4
$12.99 (Normally $28.00) 54% off List Price
(4) Cork Pops Alegria Collection Tapas Plates
Dimensions: 4.75" x 4.25" x 1"


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No china in it either!

Thanks for responding.


All right. I finally came across these with free shipping for the day (or the rest of the day, anyway). In for one. For dipping bread in flavored olive oil. Yum!


I love these colors. In for 2 sets. Now I wish I had bought a pitcher!!


I was thinking the same thing!


Tapas plates are for amateurs and modernists. Originally, tapas were slices of bread or meat and they served as covers for glasses holding wine or sherry (presumably to keep fruit flies out of the sweet wine). If you have a wine (or tapas) glass, why would you need a tapas plate? :slight_smile: