Tar Pit Painting

They are going to need some Goo-gone to get that tar off.

Sorry, but the palentologist-geek in me just can’t get behind this one. Dinosaurs & our early human ancestors lived tens of millions of years apart.

Guess this settles the “humans and dinosaurs living together” debate…

EDIT: Hey, endangeredomega, GMTA I guess!

Then comes nap time!

Sweet, I knew this one would make it. Congrats once again, Patrick! This is hilarious XD~~~

unlimited number of people brewing out of that tar pit? o_O (much like the uruk hai?)

Oh No! Mama dinosaur isn’t going to be too happy when she comes home and sees that the kids were drawing on the walls again!

Or maybe Armus? I’m having ‘Skin of Evil’ flashbacks …

Congrats on this print!!! Love the concept. :slight_smile:

This must have been tarrifying for those people. I hope they weren’t tarribly injured. (Sorry. Couldn’t help it.)

“The cheese done fell out of his sandwich”

Can’t say I’ve ever heard that line before… have to think of a way to work that into a conversation this weekend.

Silly dinos…always playing with their food.

Now we know why. You’d live tens of millions of years apart from dinosaurs, too, after they did that to you.

I keep moving between time periods but can’t settle down.

I don’t know. I just don’t like this shirt as much as the other ones I voted for. So far not loving the top 2 of this week. Nice shirts but not the fun Woot vibe I look for. Whar.

These dinosaurs are obviously very nice. They’re covering the hu-mans in tar so the other dinosaurs won’t eat them.

Now we know why the dinos died out - they spent too much time goofing off.

Are humans next?

Thanks every one! hope you all enjoy the shirt!

What inTARnation is going on here?

For those of you who are not in the know, that is not a brontosaurus. (since they don’t exist.) I suppose it would be an apatosaurus.

But this is a cute shirt.