Targus 90 Watt Mobile Power Inverter

This thing just looks weird, but if you need a laptop power inverter I guess it works, though I will admit I like the idea of the 12v passthrough this one seems to have executed it rather poorly.

Yeah, 90W is significantly less than I’d prefer. I’m not sure what would work with this.

I like the curly cord though…


I have one of these. Unfortunately I bought it to take tailgating (see my sig) and power a blender. No can do. Blenders take way more juice than this thing puts out. But it does power up a laptop and other smaller electronics nicely.


$13.99 shipped at Buy.com

WOW 12:10 and only like 5 comments, we really need to spread the word about sellout.woot.com …lol

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Targus 90 Watt Mobile Power Inverter
$7.99 + $5 shipping
condition: Refurbished
product(s): 1 Targus PAPWR005U 90 Watt Mobile Power Inverter

Had one of these. Worked fine until it eventually smoked. Lesson learned: Don’t use an inverter at its max load in hot weather :slight_smile:

Dell PA-12 was too much for this one.

now why do we need this when we all have black and decker battery packs!?

My point exactly!

You can get it new on ebay for $1 more (including shipping):

Nice find (note for others, buy.com’s is also refurbished).

I have one of these too. Yes, its not for high-wattage items. I had an old beastly Alienware laptop that exceeded this inverter’s 90w capacity. It could not run off it, but could charge. My current laptop, which doesnt suck up power like my old Alienware did, runs pretty well off the inverter. Its also good for small gadgets and cell phones if you dont have the car adapter.

I dont even remember how much I paid. Looking this up online, it runs from $35 to $60.

for when those die…woot wants us to never run outta power…ever… pre-apocolypse stuff

is it compatible with a mac?

(particularly macbook and macbook pro)

This is so you can charge the Black and Decker Power Packs while using the car.

I’ve had one for about a year now and love it! (paid $40 for mine) The only problem I can see is that the Socket on the front is so deep that most standard plugs are too short to make contact. Other than that it rocks!

Only 90 watt? Last woot off had this:
Whistler PI-400W Power Inverter
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Does not seem right to pay 7.99 for this one.

Odd little tool. Good price though. Goodnight

No. Unfortunately the power vector on a mac is all wrong. The power factor is way to close to unity as mac’s tend to draw all active and no reactive power.