Targus 90 Watt Universal Notebook AC Adaptor

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Targus 90 Watt Universal Notebook AC Adaptor
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

Product List:

  • 1 Targus APA01US 90 Watt AC Adaptor

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will this work with my thinkpad x41 tablet?

they just had a 70 watt that i picked up in the last woot off… no thanks

i think we will all enjoy this one in some way or another…comparison shopping links have been collected… there.

If only it worked with my MacBook…

I’ve seen and used one of these. Got it at Fry’s for $28.99, and they’re great if you don’t need more than 90 watts for your laptop :slight_smile:

Mac discriminator! No on this Woot!

… but does it work on Mac (i know it doesn’t, being cliche)

Either way, not a bad deal if you have a compatible laptop, i’ve seen these run for around $50-$60 a bit ago.

These are handy if you have problems or know people with problems. The only issue is longevity… I have seen one or two of these die. Mine dell one works great tho, so no thx Woot!

I bought mine new and it was a POS, stay away

I don’t understand the adapter tip system… How do I find out if I have S# whatever?

Got this exact same adapter from one of those big box stores a few years ago. Works great although you only end up using one of the plug-in ends for your laptop and the others are just useless unless you have many different brands of laptop hanging around. Kind of a waste but not every power outlet is the same.

Alas, it won’t work with my MacBook. Blasted proprietary, yet incredibly useful, magnetic power supply technology.

sheer garbage…i cannot tell u how many times i had to bring this back to the “shaq” or that “office train place” because it didn’t work. it would work for a few minutes and then suddenly shut down, regardless of which notebook i had hooked up to it. i’m sure one of these refurbed units is one of mine i already returned.


But even if it does, I don’t think I’ll be needing this anytime soon… :\

omg perfect, i have 4 different brands of laptops lying around lol

Compusa has the same for 19.99 with free ship

If your “MAC” doesn’t work return it :wink:

Would be useful for those people who asked me in Wal-Mart if we carried power supplies. No, if you’re a klutz and broke your own, you need to go back to the manufacturer.

Of course, they were so helpless that there’s no way they’d figure out how woot! works on the Internet. A lost cause . . .