Targus AMW20USX Wireless Optical Mouse





Its not bluetooth!!


How big is it? I’m looking for a medium to large optical mouse, similar to a desktop mouse, also does this one come with USB charge cable?


So this is not bluetooth. I guess it is RF? Anyone know what frequency it uses?


does that really matter?


I saw a mouse and got excited. thing is, i’m looking for a bluetooth one. maybe, dare i say it, Woot needs to get up-to-date with technology?


batteries o.o? which kind??
wish it was rechargable =/


Targus AMW20USX Wireless Optical Mouse
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was looking for one of these in the woot-off

am in for 3!!!


Had two from Micro$oft and they both died within a year (Yes, I changed the battery, Doooh). In for 2. I’m using a logitech now, but need one for the second laptop, and one for the girlfriend. Anybody know if these are white labeled?


Targus AMW20USX Notebook Optical Wireless Mouse $10 at YesBuy.net
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free shipping


Bluetooth is nice (I use a Logitech Bluetooth Lazer mouse myself) but tends to be a bit more on the expensive side. For ten bucks this is a good deal if you need a baisc wireless mouse, perfect for a laptop


I looked it up. This OEM part is $ 13.99 and out of stock to boot. No reviews.


I’m using a rocketfish bluetooh keyboard and mouse combo. I got it at best buy for $49.99 one week when they were running it in the ad. It normally sells for $99.99. I’ve been using it for a media center pc for about 8 months and it has been working pretty good. I think they run it in the ad every couple of months.


Sorry about that! Musta been an old link.


I was using wireless mice back in the day when only Logitech had them and they cost about $60. So here is what I know about them [having used about 15 different types over the years and having about 30 around the house, not in use, but in drawers, shelves, etc.]

This looks to be a small travel size mouse, but not as small as some that I have. This may be the size of the standard desktop mouse that we are all used to. The dimensions seem to indicate that. While it is long, it’s width makes it seem more a travel size. So I dunno.

All the ones I have seen and used take two AAA batteries, not AA. I would be surprised if this takes AA batteries. Can’t tell from the pic what batteries it takes, does not say AA or AAA.

In any event, the batteries last a really long time. Since this does not appear the fancy LED lighted model, some of which I have, it will not take much power to use. The receiver works off the USB port so only the mouse uses battery power to transmit. On mine a set of batteries has lasted over a year.

But yeah, use rechargeables. In a pinch you can always get some regular batteries on the road. But batteries are not a big issue with this low powered device.

And these are bluetooth in a way. Before bluetooth took off, Logitech was using the same technology except they could not use the Bluetooth name. But all of these devices use the same concept, radio waves.

The range of these is about 10’ When I have used them in class or court I could hold the mouse [Logitech trackballs] about that distance. Of course this one may not have that range, plus you would have to have a surface to roll it on. The Logitech cordless trackball mouse did not require that.

One thing not mentioned, but I suspect, is that the USB dongle stores inside a cavity in the front of the mouse. It may not since Woot did not mention it. But on the ones I have there is a little door at the front of the mouse. When you travel with the mouse, you insert the dongle into the opening and the dongle then sits flush inside. More importantly, when inserting the dongle to store it, this also turns the mouse off so that you are not wasting battery power.

Maybe someone can look up the user manual to answer all the questions raised above.

Lastly, Targus makes quality stuff. I suspect this mouse will give you years of service. This kind of mouse typically sells for $30 to $40 and maybe even more through Targus [that Company charges a lot for their stuff.] So this is even a better deal. But keep in mind that these are really basic devices. The market has tanked for them and good mice can now be had for $10 or less, way less. Logitech still charges a lot for their mice, but Targus has had to lower their prices. People are no longer willing to pay premium prices for all of Targus’ travel stuff. I suspect this mouse might be $20 or less from even Targus.



Here is trusty ol eBay to see all the different types of cordless mice there are nowadays.

There are some posted that depict what I am talking about, where the USB dongle stores into the mouse body. Take a look and you can see what I am talking about.

Bonus Tip: On the cheaper mice the dongle does not secure all that well when stored in the mouse. It can pop out of the compartment and get lost. I would imagine this Targus would be better in that respect.



Now I’m impressed that you even had an old link. my little old 8086 doesn’t hold that much info.


Batteries are shown here:

Prolly AAA.